Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Visitors Are Gone...

We had a wonderful opportunity to welcome some guests this week. Our friend, Douglas, who served a mission for our church right here in our neighborhood 20 years ago came out here to CA for a work related matter. Since it is Easter Vacation he brought his family along for a few days.

Doug has been a busy guy and now has his beautiful wife, Rosie, plus five great kids. One of the things we did was watch General Conference on TV on Sunday. That was fun and the entire floor was covered in art work and little toys by the time the 2 hours session ended. Seriously you could not even see the carpet which was not a bad thing. (Carpets....arrgh... but that is another story!)

President Thomas S. Monson
"Be of Good Cheer! Your future is as bright as your faith!"

Rosie with 4 of the 5

Douglas with Kira fast asleep

Tanner 12

Allie 10 1/2

Jenika, 10 1/2 (yup, twins!)

Anika 8 (born one day before our Julia!)

Kira, almost 6

They even brought their grandpa, Les!
He'll help drive the Suburban
Front Loader they bought back home.

So with the 8 of them and the 2 of us it was a houseful. But they brought this great tent and everyone of them except Les slept in the backyard. It was a fun adventure for their kids and it was less crowded in the house. We cooked and ate and did laundry until at the end of their stay I was saying..."Food's in the frig and anyone who wants a towel will find one in the dryer." It was so much fun and we truly love this family. The kids are polite and well-mannered and full of fun. It was a pleasure having them with us and once again hearing the sounds of family life all around.

Next week we are looking forward to having our son, Chris and Melissa, and their four kids here for a few days! Bring it on...we are in the mode and loving it! I love Easter Vacation!

Thanks for coming, Douglas and Rosie!


Marie said...

OH, it sounds like a wonderful visit! I loved seeing all the pictures. I just loved conference, but then I say that every time. I just love listening to our leaders speak. Every talk touched me to the core this time and I, too, loved that quote from President Monson. Isn't he just wonderful?