Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Morning~Farewell!

Our last morning was really fun we had a pancake breakfast and then we were off to the yard to try to get a good family photo of Chris and Missy, Connor, Aynslee, Zachary and Owen. Can you guess how many photos Jim took? Tons and in most something was just a little off but they are all cute.

Here is one I like of their family.

Here is a couple of Jim and me that are passable for a couple of old duffers! We were trying to duplicate a pose from another photo of us that is OK but it wasn't totally successful!

Here's one of Chris and Missy

And since we had to do every possible combination
Here is one of Jim and me and the kiddos...

As we were doing all of this Aunt Gail was able to come over and so we got her into the act also. Here she is on the teeter totter she bought for the each of the families of our children. We are keeping Spencer's and Ross' while they are in Italy.

I for one loved this time with everyone.
It was just great to be together!
I know Grampa agrees 100%


CA Poppy said...

You look great!

Marie said...

What a beautiful family you have! You are such a pretty woman. It's wonderful to see the joy and love in each of these photos. XXOO

mandy* said...

Those pictures are soooooooo great!!