Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Cousin Connection

I am one happy camper about Jennifer's birthday present. She got an iPhone and she has been sending us some cute and funny photos of the kids lately. Here's one to prove we have the cutest grandkids! (Hey, that would be a great blog party.) Everyone post your cutest kids in the world! We can do it once a month and that way Lanette can have a go shortly!) OK, so here is my first entry!

Chloe, almost 4 and Zachary almost 5
they each have a May birthday!

This should settle any questions about
why we want to move to Utah!

These two have a real live Hollywood love story. You know how the two main characters always fight and bicker like crazy until they discover they are in love? When these two were tiny they loved to annoy each other, take toys from each other, make each other cry, then as their cousin Ross would say...'Suddenly' true love!" Thanks, Jen, keep 'em coming.


The Hopkins said...

I can't wait to post grandbaby pictures.... They're over 5 lbs. today - won't be long now...Chloe and Zachary are beautiful!!

mandy* said...

That picture is so cute!!

Marie said...

They're adorable Bonnie! I shall have to dig up some pictures of my grandsons.

Laura said...

They are so freakin' cute!!!! Love the pictures---your grandkids are adorable.