Thursday, April 16, 2009

Backyard Dream Days

You know how when you daydream about the way you want things to be and then in reality it is not always quite so perfect? Well, for 30 something years Jim and I have had this vision of the perfect day in the garden with kids and grandkids and I think this weekend we realized we had it. The first day that Chris, Melissa and the kids were here we just hung out at home and visited and played all day long and it was so amazingly fun and relaxing. Life is suppose to be just like this but, more often!

This was the first time in ages..months and months that our little snow babies have been able to run and play outside and breathe deeply of the fresh air. They played and played, long and hard and had a great day. These were some stellar grandparenting moments for Jim and me. Double click to enlarge any of the photos.

Missy and the boys.
Zach is not sticking out his tongue
he is just eating a vanilla wafer~hands free. much fun!

The things we forget to notice when we grow up!

I knew this big ball had a better purpose!
Aynslee loves this mid-air ~ funny hair photo

Christopher back in his boyhood stomping grounds..

Mr. Conner!

Owie having a treat!

Owen playing tether ball and bouncing another..
yes, our grandkids are exceptionally talented at a young age!

Zach enjoying his cousin Ross' scooter!

Aynslee found some weeds that looked like pompoms and cheered for her Grampa in his basketball game. We played a game of Horse and guess who won? Gramma Bonbon! Surprisingly~I played basketball as a kid! A little rusty but... hey...I won!

Lots of tree climbing by all the boys and Aynslee

Aynslee can keep up just fine with any boy!

Zachy looking down into the pond and
inching his way out on the boulders

Daddy explaining why the big brothers had to stay clear
of the pond's edge because Owen always wants to do
what the big kids do and it wasn't safe for him.
Connor fell in once,
Aynslee fell in twice
Zach fell in once,
But Owen...not at all!
Mission Accomplished!

Oh and Sweet Missy tirelessly did the laundry... :-)

The kids spent hours around the pond and waterfall. They were so busy throwing things in and then skimming them out. They built canoes from big ivy and fig leaves, pitched in countless pine cones, rocks and twigs and sticks. (Lucky Grampa!) But he didn't mind. They had a ball.

Zach with his pool skimmer

Chris leaping for joy in his secret garden!

Climbing a tree and remembering his
boyhood friends, Steve, Josh and Andrew

Monkey see...monkey do!

Wheelbarrowing down the hill at warp speed..
this is better than Disneyland!
Best E Ticket in town!

Owie thought these citronella bombs were pretty fascinating

Nice lay up, Son!

Owen by the pond!

Grampa, Zachary, Chris and Aynslee soaking up the sun.
They had 500 plus miles of snow and rain driving out here!


Connie said...

Now that is what I call heaven... I must overhaul my yard immediately!!!!!!!! Well, I have a couple years, but still. :) Looks like so much fun, Bon! What a beautiful family you have.

mandy* said...

This post is one of my favorites! Some of the pictures are hilarious!!!