Friday, April 24, 2009

Serendipity Thrifting

Yesterday I took a load of stuff to Goodwill. While there of course I had to look around for just a minute. Goodwill is so hit and miss for me. Every once in awhile I find a real treasure but more times than not, I just stroll through...look at the books and leave empty handed.

But yesterday I found this great purse for $6.00. It just made me happy. It reminded me to keep praying for Stellan, it is my current favorite color and it goes great will all the brown in my wardrobe. Oh and then I got a 10% discount at the register. Yippee.

When I got home Jim said he liked it and it reminded him of the ones we had seen in Florence. I go for that so~ if any of you have seen it at Walmart of K-Mart, don't tell me, K?


Marie said...

I just love shopping at Charity Shops. You can get some pretty nice stuff there!

mandy* said...

That purse is seriously cute! I remember when you and Laura went to Good Will several years ago and she found a pair of shoes that I also had. The difference was that I paid way too much for mine and she got an awesome deal. Good Will is GREAT!! I need to go there more often..

Laura said...

Great purse. A great find always makes my day! Score!!!