Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh, the Pressure! I Am Not Much of a Cooker!

Yup, we actually "live" here.

Today I had the thrilling task of emptying all the lower cabinets in the kitchen and sorting through all of our cooking paraphernalia. Well, if you are familiar with FlyLady, you will know what I mean when I say, I have been doing the 25 boogie flingin', all day long. I am decluttering the kitchen! I do not want to be shackled to this stuff anymore. And I am heading straight to Good Will shortly!

I have four bundt pans...four! Now some of you might say great, if you bake a lot. I haven't made a bundt cake since 1981! It was buried so deep in our cupboard that I hadn't even thought of a bundt cake since I saw "My Big Fat Greek Wedding!" Here is how part of our conversations have been going through this process.

Jim: "I really wish we had a pressure cooker, I've always wanted one."

Me: " Why, what would you do with it? My mom had one and it blew up and sprayed vegetable soup all over the kitchen!"

Jim apparently not really hearing what I said: " I don't know why, I just want one.."

Me: "Hmmm, that is really weird..yesterday when I was going through the silverware drawer I found a gauge for one."

Jim: "Wow, that is double weird...I wonder where we got it?

Me: "I haven't a clue, nor do I know what I did with it"

Then this morning....

Me: "Honey, there is something in the way back of the corner cabinet..I can't reach it...can you get it for me?"

Jim:" Sure, no problem.....I'm gettin' it, I almost have it...Oh my's a a a pressure cooker!" (Grinning ear to ear!)

Me: " Ahhh, Happy Birthday, Babe, great hiding place for your present...don't you think?" I've known all along you wanted one and you have been waiting so long. But you can't have it until your birthday in November. Then you can use it and maybe even actually blow up "The Soup" with it. (That is, of course, if I can find the gauge by then.)

Why is it that we all have so much stuff that we don't even remember what we have? It is beyond ridiculous. And another thing, why are the old-fashioned cabinets so inconvenient? They are like freezers, they just aren't meant to be places where you can easily keep track of things. I found a wire bread basket I have been looking for for a very long time today.

Our cupboards are about to look like the plate from a fancy California Cuisine restaurant...lots of white space around all of the essential items. We will savor only the best of what we have in the kitchen and the rest is getting kicked to the curb!


Marie said...

Oh gosh Bonnie. I don't envy you the kitchen re-do. We did ours about 6 months ago and it was such a chore until it was finished and we still haven't painted! I would love to have a bundt pan. That and a tube pan. They are not things that are readily available over here. Why is it that as soon as you don't have something you can think of a bazillion ways to use it!! Have a great weekend!

CA Poppy said...

How liberating!The remodel looks like it's going well.

mandy* said...

If I still lived in Concord I would "borrow" one of your bundt pans. Every time I make monkey bread we have to create a bundt pan out of two pyrex dishes. I should just go buy one.

That is a hilarious story about the pressure cooker. I laughed out loud!