Friday, April 16, 2010

Sisters' Sebbatical~Flashback

Traffic jam near Napoli

November of 09 found Jennifer and Laura having a sisters' fabulous get away in the beautiful boot. Jen had been to Italy once before but only for a few hours. She just had to find a way to go and visit her sister after nearly 2 and half years of being apart. They got to do a little get away sans kids for five days. They talked and played and dined out and walked their legs off and slept in and enjoyed every minute. Their sweet husbands made this happen for our hard working, weary girls! Jen got to stay for ten days total. We love those sons so much for this and many other things! I think Jim and I enjoyed this vicariously as much as our girls did.

While in Utah I picked up these photos and decided to add a post about their fun times into our Italy Adventures blog called Prego Prego. The blog includes a month long trip we took over there in Dec/Jan and features Christmas in Italy and lots of places that one rarely sees unless accompanied by some 'locals.'

We have enjoyed our two trips totaling seven weeks in Italy while our kids have lived there. It is hard to believe their three years is almost over. Unbelievable and very exciting!! We look forward with great anticipation to their return to the US in mid-July. However, there is just a little melancholy in the thought we may never pass that way again! Arrivederci Bella Italia!

Ponte Vecchio, Florence


Market in Pisa


Pisa Shops~Check out the prices of these plates! Yikes!

Pisa Shops

Beautiful Things~Exorbitant Prices!
This Tuscan serving tray is E 151 or $204.51!

Laura Climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Jen Over..... is it Florence?
Not having been there, we just cannot tell for sure!
Jim thinks it could be Pisa from the leaning tower,
I didn't go up so I could not say...??

The Beautiful Cinque Terra!

Jen lighting candles in a small church
for her girls in Cinque Terra

The Love Locks of Cinque Terra

Laura on The Cliffs of Cinque Terra

More Love Locks~ Them!

In church in Caserta~headphones help
Spencer understand what is being said in Italian!

Rossie after church on the grounds of
The Caserta Reggia~
giving his Aunt Jen the grand tour.


Shaun at Oak Den said...

ahhhh.... It all looks so lovely!

I'm sort of holding my breath and watching the volcanic skies to see if our flight to France next week gets cancelled. I don't know what our new plan would be if it does. *sigh*

Have a lovely weekend!

Sister Susie said...

What beautiful pictures! I really liked the sheep. Can you imagine if we (here in Florida) had to share our roads with sheep! As I was scrolling down, I thought you had a closeup of white and brown wool from the sheep, but then realized it was your ice cream, ha, ha! Lovely blog!
Hugs to all,

Bonnie said...

Oh Shaun...fingers crossed that Iceland ash doesn't mess things up for you guys!

And Susie you are too funny! I guess gelato could look like white and brown wool up close. That would be less calories for sure but not a tasty!

We loved the sheep in southern Italy and the shepherds at Christmas time abiding by their flocks...oh boy. Too perfect.

Bonnie said...
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