Friday, April 23, 2010

Laughter~An Important Part of Our Day

Having a sense of humor is an important aspect of being healthy. This morning when I woke up I was thinking about how I love to be with friends that make me laugh. Immediately two groups of friends came to mind. The first one is my group of friends that meet at my house once a week to discuss life. Our original intent was to meet together to support each other in a healthy life style, proper nutrition, regular exercise, etc. But that little group has become so much more.

Because we have been friends for years and years, we have supported each other through many, many things. We have probably saved each other thousands of $ in shrink fees over the years just by being there for each other!

One day not long ago, Jim was off work on Monday morning when we were meeting. He was busy outside but he heard us all laughing. Something was shared that was so hilarious we were laughing for about ten minutes, maybe longer. One of the things that makes this group so successful is that we live by this code..."What is said in this room stays in this room," and everybody honors it!

Jim pestered me all day to share what was so funny but I couldn't. Aside from "The Code" what made it so hilarious was all that we have shared as a group up to that moment. You can imagine how close that can make friends over years. It was one of those..."Ya had to be there" kind of moments. It would just lose so much in the retelling.

One of the things that makes this group so precious to me is that we laugh and have fun all the time. Have you ever noticed that some people just make you a funnier person? I think when you can relax and be yourself then your true sense of humor emerges. That one particular morning we just kept feeding off each other's shared humor and it was so contagious. It truly was one of those magical moments between friends. When Jim and I were serving in the Singles Ward for five and a half years...these friends kept me feeling so connected to our ward and church family that it made coming back just wonderful and such an easy transition.

Another group that makes me laugh is a group of women that have met together every Christmas for over 25 years for a fun luncheon. I call it the Golden Girls luncheon. Some of the friends are in both groups. Some of these ladies I never see except at this luncheon once year, but I kid you not, we don't stop laughing the whole time. My cheeks ache before I get home from that particular annual event.

As I have thought about why these friends are so important to me, of course it is many things. But one thing that seems to stick out is that it is a regularly planned time set aside each week and once a year to share time together. Planning it seems to be the key. For us, if we just roll along day to day..nothing happens socially. Or at least that is our experience that when we get a few unencumbered moments we just want to draw the shades and hang out at home. Of course those times are precious too. But we have to plan things with friends~it doesn't just happen. We have to plan times when the soul purpose is to relax and enjoy others. There is so much more to an enjoyable life than working and sleeping and finding that balance is an art.

I am not a big party person. I am not a small talker, are you? My husband is an expert at it at parties, he can talk to people about, I struggle with it. But I love the one on one and small groups interactions where you can really get to know people. I think this is one reason why I love blogging so much. Each of your posts helps me to know the real you better.

How do you find balance in your social life and do you have friends that just make you laugh so hard you cry? It is the best...I recommend it be a part of most days!! (Like the experts recommend 30 minute of exercise most days.) It is the best medicine in the world for me.

How about you? It helps me to not take things so seriously and to lighten up! Otherwise the grisly part of everyday life can get the better of me! Thank you, dear friends, for the elevation! Thank you for those tears-streaming-down-your-face, flat out hilarious moments we share. I U!

And not to leave the family is a funny one if you haven't had your daily dose of the giggles today. Jen and Lowell's contribution to the ward film festival a few years ago. Of course they are our grandgirls so we think this is clever and hilarious. I hope you do too.


The Hopkins said...

You cracked me up again just thinking about that morning. I'm with you on the planning. There are so many people I'd love to spend more time with. I've been toying with the idea of a monthly dinner group. Here is a post from Celia Fae that sums up why I hesitate.

The busy times keep us from connecting - thankfully there's church every week and some "clubs" (you know how I LOVE "clubs") that keep me sane.

Julie Harward said...

Hi Bonnie...thanks for your visit...I love your blog and I know I am going to just love you, I am adding you to my blog list, come say hi any time :D

Caroline Craven said...

Oh, I am so jealous (again). I would love to know how you started this group. I have friends out here, but have really hesitated to start any kind of group as it seems everyone is so busy. I have had random dinner parties, but very random and it is something I love to do. I remember when I lived there and we would do lunches every now and then- absolutely loved hanging out with the girls. I miss that.

Marie said...

Friends that you can laugh with are the best friends of all. I loved the video. What a treasure! Your family is just the best Bonnie! I ♥ them to bits!

Sister Susie said...

Your "YouTube" is much like the every day experience with my kindergartners. Ha! Especially when it is one's turn to be the meteorologist. Each morning we go over the weather forecast and one child gets to be the weather"man." The reading curriculum has them acting out the stories they read and write for themselves. They like to be on stage!
Blessings to you and yours,

Caroline Craven said...

thanks for the info on the group. That is one fun group of girls- no wonder all you do is laugh. All three of those women made me laugh all the time. You have inspired me. I thought is was a big group, but now I feel a bit more confident starting with something small and working my way up to maybe 8ish. Thanks Bon.

Sister Susie said...

Thank you so much, Bonnie, for your loving words on my blog. Isn't it amazing how our God fellowships between His Own who have never ever(as yet) seen one another!! How Glorius the Day when WE shall see Him for Who He Is, The Great I AM! Blessings to you and yours,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
what a riot that video is, I love all the distorted faces and twisted body images. They are too funny!! All the Girls are so cute and comical.
Loved your post too, I love to laugh, and you are so right we all need friends we can laugh with, it is good medicine to the soul. Becky and I laugh a lot when we get together too. You are right there are certain friends that tend to bring it out in you more,
but I think they are people who are happy with themselves and their lives. I am finding that to be a rarity today, which is pretty sad. Hubby and I laugh a lot too, and we love to watch comedies that make us laugh too!
We usually have a really fun time
and laugh a lot when the family gets together and I love that.
Our ladies group kinda fell apart,
for a number of reasons, which is really too bad, but will see what the Lord has in store next.
Well, my dear, you have a
laughingly good week!! lol
and so will I,
Love ya, Nellie