Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mr. Rogers Was Right!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood....can't you just see and hear him singing that? I can in his little green cardie...or was it red or blue?

Economic Recovery~Moving Day

5:50 AM...Today at precisely 9:00 AM friends will come out of the woodwork to help us shut down the warehouse and add $400.00 to our monthly budget. Long overdue...our own version of economic recovery! Thank you in advance, dear friends! As a treat...join us for chili (ours is going to win!) at church tonight! Tightening and loosening the belt all in one day!

Anyway here is a photo essay of how we roll.....
when we want to get something done in a hurry!
Just think...Beehive.

Ministering Angels
Arrived 9:30ish

Everyone got lots of goodies all week and
then the trucks and vans came to cart off
the things that some of the kids want to
sell in a garage sale! I say more power to 'em
I hope they make a bundle!

Last of the clean up both
12x19 units are almost empty

Last of the 18 shelving units almost dismantled!
Departure 11:45 AM

Many hands make light work!

At last we actually went out and
rested after lunch in the yard.

Jim took a group of kids to Oakland
for the Temple assignment this
morning at 4:30 AM!

Our new umbrellas~still have the tags on them!
I am loving the color of these!

I still have to put the chairs
around the bistro tables!

It is the least I can do when Jim has
done practically everything else.
It is a work in progress
but not this afternoon.

We're just pretending we are
a couple of lazy cats!

Remember Our Backyard Relaxation Guru!

I wandered around and took a few more
photos of the yard. This is our beloved oak tree.
It is much bigger than it appears
in this photo for some reason.

The ground cover is so lush this year.
After three years of drought
it is looking very healthy again thankfully.

OK back to work, it was nice while it lasted! 3:30 PM

Dinner is made...we're off to the Church Chili
Cook Off with our prize winning chili at 6:00 PM.

Jim is filling up his Man Shed
and I am picking up inside!
You know the never ending, never ending....

Happy Weekend
in Your Beautiful Neighborhood!


Sister Susie said...

You've made me hungry with your pan photo of delicious food! Your other photos looks like what is happening at our church. We are soon having a "yard "sale for the kids summer camp. I can't believe the items our congregation donates for this wonderful ministry!! I finally got my next blog subject going. It took me awhile to gather the pictures and sort! Thank you for your wonderful blog.
Blessings on you and yours,

Marie said...

Many hands do make light work Bonnie! Love the pictures. I must have missed something as I am a bit in the dark as to what is going on exactly with you, but am assuming it is good. I hope you did well with your chili, and by the looks of it I am thinking you did!! xxoo