Monday, April 5, 2010

The 27 Fling Boogie~Fly Lady

Check her out!

We have been purging around here this week. It is time to de-clutter and to streamline the possessions. One of the annoying things about living someplace for 30+ years is the accumulation of stuff that you think you might need or want someday. Bad idea for the most part. The problem is you stick it some place and then you forget about it. When you actually need it you can't find it and end up buying or borrowing it anyway.

Also I think we forget to reevaluate our current needs on a regular basis. As an example...Do we really need a highchair, crib, port-a-crib when our kids come home every other year, and the youngest grandchild is now 2 and a half? I am guessing we don't. Do I really need a bigillon serving pieces for the huge dinners we rarely have anymore? Or how about stemware that belonged to my mom from a concert she went to by Wayne Newton? Nope, not really. If I haven't used something in a couple of is time to recycle and give someone else a chance at it. Wayne Newton stemware, anyone? Just as I thought!! What about the infamous punch bowl, ice cream maker, or 2nd set of china? Gees Louise, where does it end?

So while we are emptying out the work warehouse I am also going through our own stuff and doing the 27-Fling Boogie as originated by Fly Lady at Here is an excerpt from her site.

"The 27-Fling Boogie

We do this assignment as fast as we can. Take a garbage bag and walk through your home and throw away 27 items. Do not stop until you have collected all 27 items. Then close the garbage bag and pitch it. DO NOT LOOK IN IT!!! Just do it.

Next, take an empty box and go through your home collecting 27 items to give away. Suze Orman taught me this in her book, The Courage to be Rich. This will change the energy in your home and bring about good feelings. Every time I do this I feel better and my home is becoming decluttered in the process. As soon as you finish filling the box, take it to the car. You are less tempted to rescue the items.

Rule of thumb: if you have two of any item and you only need one, get rid of the least desirable.

I also sing a wonderful song as I am doing this fun job: "Please Release Me, Let Me Go" as sung from the stuff's point of view."

So that is what is happening over here this week. What is the motivation? Simplifying. And I have to touch everything anyway as we are cleaning out the wallboard dust that has settled into every single nook and cranny of the house from the remodeling. Also in my work I have watched people in their 80's try to do this and they basically just walk around in a stupor either cussing or crying. So I am planning ahead. Way ahead. I like my son-in-law Robert's idea. For every new piece of clothing he gets, one of equal or lesser value is flung. Brilliant.

Well, I better get flingin'. If you are in the market for any junk...let me know. The price is come and get it. Fair enough?


Caroline Craven said...

Ooh, reading that post makes me a bit nervous. I am not a junk collector by any means, but when we moved from California and had our garage sale I had to have Nicki come and go through all the baby toys and thousands of small stuffed animals the kids had played with and loved - I just couldn't part with the connections to their past. She is an excellent de-junker and got the job done in about 10 minutes (trashed all of it). I get too emotionally attached to things my kids have loved. In one of my "tossing" moments I got rid of Regan's security blanket and Nicki's dress she wore to her baptism. I have regrets over those two items, but not much else, even the kids beloved stuffed animals and toys.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh I can see you now singing as you go!! lol
I know I am going thru a bunch of paperwork we had to drag out to do our taxes. So no time like the present!! lol
I really hate paperwork! I mean reallllllllly hate paperwork! lol
If I could hire someone to deal with it I really would!! Someone I could trust not to just throw it out, I have to say that is quite tempting to just throw it out without looking at it ~ I could really lovvvvvvvve that!! lol

Thanks for coming by yesterday and all your sweet comments. I really love having things that were gifts cause they remind me of those folks, and it give me a warm fuzzy
feeling! Also, I tell the kids all the time we are practicing up for the real thing, and that is why their dogs are so spoiled!! lol

Bet you are ecstatic that the painting is all done inside, oh and that dust I so remember that dust when they were working in our house years back, it is like the never ending story!! lol

We are still trying to pick a shower curtain, can you believe it? I can't! I have the worst time making up my mind these days.
Ridiculous Really, I was never like this in my younger years,
what gives with this stuff anyway??? Do you go thru that too!

I sort of had to put in on the back burner till be got thru Easter. They are making shower curtains so much longer these days, so they are longer than our liner which is a nice fabric one.

Oh have been wanting to say good for you girlie that you gave away all that free merchandise, wasn't that a blast!! I had a situation where I was able to give away some $$ like that, and I just love loved loved it! Most fun I ever had. I am sure all those young couples were ecstatic to have been thought of too! You're a sweetie!
Well, Sweetie,
I got to get busy with that paperwork, ugh!! Pray for me,
I sincerly need it....NOW!! lol
Love ya hon,

Nancy said...

I love to hear about a success story in this area. I believe there is a fine line between simplifying/not wasting/hoarding. It's a hard one for me to manage but when I do let go, it is very empowering! I love that feeling. I think I might do that myself this week!

BECKY said...

OH!!!! I want some of your JUNK!!! Thing is I can't come and get it!! WAAAAAAA!!!! I am all into junkin', but am also a purger (well acquainted with flylady!!) Let's just say I'm a selective junker!!

Way to go getting rid of stuff! Life is too short to be hanging onto a bunch of stuff someone else could use!! Keep up the good work!!

Love you, Bon, and hope your Wednesday is wonderful!!

Sister Susie said...

OOOOH MY, tell me about it! I have stuff I need to get rid of too. I'm not a pack rat, but I do have books in my library I need to donate to my church library. I also have videos and DVDs I need to donate to the public library. I have things I still need to go through that belonged to my mom (who passed away almost 7 years ago.) I was going to do alot of this "stuff" on my spring break, but procrastinated again and put it off until I get out this summer from school.
Blessings to you and yours,

LA Adams said...

I just have to try this.....