Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Easter Nature Walk~by Laura

Our daughter, Laura, had this great post this morning which I snagged to share this wonderful tradition of theirs with you. We have spent a lot of Easters with them it seems and this is really neat. I remember a time or two when these little items were also put into the plastic eggs and then the kids opened them as they told the story.

"Over the years we have developed a family Easter tradition that we love. It is called the Easter Nature Walk.

Here is how it works: take your family on a nice long walk (any activity that starts this way is a winner in my book). While you are walking look for and collecting these items. Be sure to take a basket or bag to keep the items in- you will need them later.

  • A branch with leaves
  • A piece of bread
  • Something red
  • A stick
  • A thorn
  • A nail
  • A brown leaf
  • A piece of white cloth
  • A rock
  • Three dark things
  • A green leaf
  • Something white
There are some items you will not be likely to find on your walk (a nail, a piece of cloth, bread, etc) you will have to prepare these things ahead of time.

When you get home, set aside thirty minutes or so to use the items you collected to tell the story of Easter. Here are some notes to help you remember what each item represents.
The branch with leafs- represents the palm leaves that were place before the Savior as He rode into Jerusalem for the last time.

The piece of bread- represents the last supper and sacrament He shared with His disciples before His death.

Something red- represents the blood Christ shed as He suffered for our sins in Gethsemane.

The stick-represents the cross on which our Lord was crucified.

The thorn- represents the crown of thorns that was placed atop His head.

The nail- represents the nails that were driven into the hands and feet of the Savior as he hung on the cross.

The brown leaf- represents death, a necessary part of Heavenly Father’s Plan that comes to all living things.

The white cloth- represents the love and care with which Christ’s body was prepared for burial.

The rock- represents the rock that was placed in front of the sepulcher where Jesus’ body lay.

The 3 dark things- represents the three days of darkness that followed the Savior’s death.

The green leaf- represents the new life made possible by His glorious Resurrection.

Something white- represents with perfect, glorified body of the resurrected Lord.

We hope you enjoy this activity as much as we have-Happy Easter!"


mandy* said...

What an awesome idea!!

LA Adams said...

This is really good idea to let kids "feel" when they try to understand deep principles. Being a visual person myself, I've found I learn better when I can touch, taste, smell or "see" a picture of what is going on.

BECKY said...

This is such a neat idea! My grandy isn't here this Easter, but I would love to do this with her next year!

Happy Easter to you, Bon! May yours be filled with JOY and fond memories!

Love you!

Sister Susie said...

That would be fun just to do by myself! What a great idea to even do as a scavenger hunt with Sunday school kids!
He is Risen!!
Hugs and blessings,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bon Bon,
HOpe you had a Wonderful Easter my friend! Our's was awesome! Both of our kids made it to church along with their friends, and we had a lovely day together.
Love this post, what a great idea.
Makes me wish my kids were lil again so I could do it with them. Don't know if Joey and Rosie would understand, but they would sure enjoy the walk!! lol
Thanks for sharing that tho, maybe one day if I ever have real Grandchildren we could do that! or
maybe I'll have to borrow someones kids!! lol
Love the idea anyway,
Hope you have a good day hon,
Love ya, Nellie