Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Has Sprung......Hopefully!

What a funny spring we are having. Not just here I understand but everywhere. Even Italy is still getting drenched even though Laura saw this just a few weeks ago....

This photo was taken in ancient Rome near the Forum where all the ruins are. It is a pretty brownish/stony looking (dead) place but look what came along to add some beauty! God is good!

Friends in Utah are waking up to snow still and friends in Texas are having cloudy overcast days. The thing here is one day it is nice and then we get three days of rain. Like a little chick trying peck its way out of an egg...we are working on it. Spring will come and stay eventually!

Last weekend we went to Oakland for our semi-annual stake conference and it was gorgeous over there. These photos are especially for Dorothy, a sweet lady that is missing her home in CA after relocating when her husband passed away, eleven years ago. I know she had probably visited Temple Hill many times and would like to have a vicarious visit today.

Our church has many temples throughout the world and we are so blessed to live quite close to one. Here is what the temple looked like last weekend. The temple grounds have a big auditorium for large meetings and performances and we often meet there when our stake (10 wards or congregations) are involved in a joint meeting. The grounds are so beautiful and peaceful and sit high atop a hill so the view is magnificent on a clear day.

We had a little haze last Sunday but it was still lovely.
Looking west toward San Francisco from Temple Hill.

Water rationing is over! We rejoiced
that the fountains are up and running again.

Four generations of beautiful friends
~The Leal Family

The Hopkins and their son, Matt.

A quiet place near where we parked.

A forgotten rose from a wedding on Saturday.

Side of the hill looking east.

The flower beds looked amazing!

I adore these maple trees! They are gorgeous right now.
This one is in the inner courtyard of the temple.

Here I was standing right under one.

A Beautiful Camellia

We decided to take the mountain road home.
When I think of retiring with my hubby
I think of days filled with this...

Beauty to the eye and heart at every turn...

Clean fresh air that lifts you so high above the ground...

I know I am a hopeless romantic but I cannot stop
thinking about places like this, being alone, with no
phones ringing and no big rush to get us anywhere
special at any particular time.

I know, I know, you are smiling and shaking your head...
I'll give you the real scoop when it actually comes to pass!
A girl can dream can't she??


Caroline Craven said...

I loved, loved, loved that post. It was so much fun to see the Leals and Hopkins!!! We used to love going to Oakland for Conference. We have tons of pictures of Temple Hill b/c we took pictures of the kids at almost every conference. It was almost like being there in person. Thanks.

Julie Harward said...

Yes..we must dream...dream on, hope, trust the Lord for he knows best. All your pictures here so beautiful I hardly know what to different from here, we are just barely seeing some green. Have a good weekend and some say hi :D

Marie said...

Lots of goodness here today Bonnie! I loved visiting the Temple with you. How beautiful our Temples Lord!! Oh, just had a lovely thought, how nice it would be to be able to go to the Temple with you! Some of my nicest moments in the Temple have been spent with much loved and cherished friends!! xxoo

Dorothy said...

I didn't see this post until this afternoon (Saturday). Such a treat! I loved looking out to the bay and SF when we went to the Temple day or night. I think we only parked around back one time, so thanks to your camera I had a lovely stroll today! You are not just multi-talented but you go out of your way to do the nicest things for others!
Thanks so much!

Shaun at Oak Den said...

:) Thanks for the treat for my Mom! I loved seeing it, too!

LA Adams said...

What a great way to stop and smell the roses! Nice drive and beauty all around.

These Jim and Bon moments are great!!