Sunday, August 2, 2009

Door To Door~Snagged From Laura's Blog

She writes...

Alright I have another Funny Friday post courtesy of Ross. Mama Mia, the kid is a crack up, what can I say?

So- I was upstairs on my bed reading when Ross came in and asked,"Hey, Mom, can I go over to Jacob's house to ask him a question?" Without glancing up from my book I replied, "Sure".

About five minutes later Ross comes back upstairs and says, "Mom, can I go over to Ian's house to ask him a question?" I had vague memories that he had recently asked a question a long those lines, but I was at a critical point in my book so once again without giving it too much thought I answered that he could.

Five more minutes go by and Ross is back in my room- this time asking if he could go to Jonah's house to ask him a question. At this point I realized it was time to investigate. So I put my book down and asked, "Ross, what exactly have you been asking all these people?" "Well", he said hesitantly, "I don't really want to tell you." "Well, if it is not something you want to tell me about it is probably not something you should be doing." I explained.

"Okay... I am just asking if they have any spare money they can give me." "ROSS!!" I exclaim in exasperation. "What?" he asks sheepishly. "Honey, you can't go around asking people for money. If you want money you have to earn it. We have to work for it. It is just not appropriate to go door to door asking for money. Does that make sense?" "Yeah Mom that makes perfect sense." "You're a good boy." Hum, I thought to myself, that was easier than I thought it was going to be.

I dove back into my book but didn't get very far before Ross was back at my side. "Mom, can I go outside for a while." I glanced up from my book beginning to feel a little irritated. "Sure babe- have fun." I finished the chapter I was working on and went down stairs to prepare a few things for dinner. As I was working I looked out the kitchen window but didn't see Ross in the back. Oh no... what is that kid up to now I wondered. I went outside to look for him. I found him in the A section knocking on doors again.

I was shocked. "Ross, what are you doing? You can't go door to door begging for money, remember?" "Oh, I am not asking for money this time Mom." He explained, clearly happy with himself. "I am just saying, Hi I'm Ross, can I help you- for money!"

Seriously! What a stinker. I do have vague memories of my brother, Chris doing something similar in high school. So I figure it is okay, right? I mean if Ross turns out half as good as Chris I'll be a happy mom. Sheezzz- I guess it runs in the family!"

What Laura is referring to about her brother is that he had a great guitar in high school and was about ready to perform at a Pop's Concert. While waiting for their time to go on stage, he let someone look at his guitar for a minute. The kid accidentally dropped and broke the guitar. He had to quickly borrow someone else's for his performance. Chris was heartbroken and knew we could not just run out and buy a new one.

So his brilliant idea.... Get an empty pickle jar. Make a sign for it that says, "Save my Guitar Jar" on it. Look forlorn and take it to each class and leave it on your desk for contributions. In a couple of days he had raised the money (over $100.00) to fix the guitar unbeknownst to us.

Quite truthfully, I cannot remember how we fixed the situation but the money was not used to fix the guitar. I think we donated it to the school or something. But I do remember thinking there are a million things you need to teach your kids before they leave home, but I never, in my wildest imagination thought that "Do Not Panhandle" was one of them! Holy Cow...some kids!

We still have the jar, by the way, and you will be happy to know that in spite of this incident which he mistakenly and momentarily felt was quite clever...~Chris is now honorably earning a living. In his whole life, I think that is the only "naughty thing" he ever did!


Marie said...

Funny story Bonnie. One year our kids picked strawberries and their dad let them set up a stand at the end of the drive to sell them. The idea being that they could learn about hard work and it's rewards. At the end of the day they had earned money from selling about 5 boxes of strawberries, but still had the strawberries. The neighbours were just giving them the money coz they thought they were really cute, but didn't really want the berries. I'm not sure what lesson that taught the kids though.

mandy* said...

My brother-in-law and his friend had a similar experience. Alex (my brother-in-law) told Marcy that he was still hungry after eating his lunch every day. He asked her to pack him more food. She, of course, did not want her son to starve and packed about double the food. Then instead of eating the extra food himself, he gave it to his friend, Lance. Lance took the money his mom gave him for lunch and saved it until he had enough for a bass guitar. Creative teenagers, right???? Yikes!