Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wrap Rage

I found this article quite informative and ♥ the accompanying video for the "How To" part.

clamshell packaging
(Photo: Aprille Clarke / Flickr)

"Dealing with "clamshell" or "oyster" packaging (the rigid, sealed plastic that lots of electronics come in) can be a real nightmare. In fact, the term "wrap rage" was coined to describe the anger and frustration that inevitably arises when trying to pry the ubiquitous packaging open.

Thousands of people end up in emergency rooms each year with lacerations and puncture wounds from battling with the nearly impossible-to-open packaging. Many more get minor wounds from using sharp objects to open packages, according to American Medical News."

Read the rest here:

I haven't tried cracking the case like this but I am going to the next time I have one of those monsters. Just thought you'd wanna know! B


Marie said...

They are a real nuisance to be sure. I usually just grab my handy kitchen shears and cut away!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
Hey, liked that idea of a way to
open those things, they are more than frustrating. I usually take my kitchen shears to them, and that works, but you just hope and pray you don't need to return it for any reason. The way they did it is great tho, cause it leave the package pretty much intact in case you do have to put it back in.

Thanks for coming by yesterday.
Yea, we love Cracker Barrel. We used to always go when we would visit Georgia, then they finally got one in upper Florida so when we went to Pensacola to visit relatives we could go, then about
12 years or so ago, we got one very close to us, and we were thrilled!! We had quit going for awhile because they had gotten where they weren't as good as they
used to be, but in the past year we tried them again, and they are
back to normal. I am very excited that Sept. 1st they are getting a
bunch of new menu items for Fall.
One of them is called "Applefest
Chicken", they had it in the fall
years ago and we loved it, but they have never had it again, and we have asked every fall but to no avail........ so I can't wait to go get some!! lol
They had a tree preview of some of the beautiful Christmas ornaments they will have for sale soon. Lovely. They had these pinecones that were Christmas red, they sort of look liked they are flocked. They are beautiful!!
And these beautiful Christmas plates with birds on them, so cute. I want one, course, I have
so many Christmas decorations, I just love them, and everyone knows it, so they give them to me as well!! Not complaining tho!!
Our Anniversary is coming in early
November, so I suspect I will probably get one then. We usually go out shopping, and that is one of our favorite places to go for breakfast and then of course to check out the store and shop a bit.
Hubby knows what I like!! lol
Yea, isn't Romans 8:28 such a comforting verse, and it is just
true, true, true, but like you say we have to be looking for it,
and paying attention and it is always there if we are willing to see.
Well, girlie,
You have a great day, I better get busy.
Love ya, Nellie

Bonnie said...

I have used my kitchen shears for this too but I think it dulls them over time.

The main reason I have included this is the fact that so many people get hurt trying to open these things. The other most annoying packaging is children's toys. Hello! Does each piece of a set have to be that secure within the box with all those little twisty thingies? It takes 20 minutes to get it all out of the box!