Friday, August 28, 2009

Guess What?

My Beautiful Chocolate Eyes!

If you have an eight or nine year old in your life I bet you hear that phrase a lot. Guess what seems to be the prelude to a lot of fun information shared by that age group. Of course you rarely can actually guess what is actually on their minds, but it is a fun thing nonetheless that seems to exude their enthusiasm. The enthusiasm is not just for what they are about to tell you but is about how they view life in general. Guess what is an indication that they are on the brink of discovery every minute and it truly seems to be that time in life when they grow out of being a little child into someone who is accountable and growing up.

So Guess What? Today Julia is turning nine years old! Leaving her tiny girl self behind she is becoming a young woman in many ways. And Guess What? That is a happy thing and kind of a sad thing for a Gramma and Grampa all at the same time. Thank heavens, Heavenly Father gives us a memory (and here's hoping we get to keep it!) so that we can always remember the sweetness of her babyhood and when she was a tiny girl.

Wasn't this just yesterday?

Happy Birthday, Miss Julia!

Here is her most recent photo with her Grampa!

Here she is on her baptism day
just last September.

Did you know that Julia Mae and I have our own song? We like Jake Simpson best for this one but Stevie will have to do! We both love this song and I cannot hear it without thinking of her. So I am embedding it here for her birthday. And I ask you, isn't she lovely?

She and I also love to dance together in their basement with the music turned up loud so here's another one of our favorites.

Here she is putting all that good dance practice to good
use at the Farmer's Market night time Beatles revival!

Julia we love you with all of our hearts. You are outstanding in every way!
Have a wonderful Birthday! Wish we were there!

Bard International Website

Here are nine cakes...enjoy!

All Our love,
Gramma and Grampa

and one to grow on XO


Lovin' that iPhone~here are some
Presents From This Morning!

This bike looks so retro~love it!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
Your grandaughter is so beautiful,
I love her in that white dress!!
Looks like she is having a great birthday and I love that stevie wonder song. It is so sweet and moving.
Loved those 9 cakes, I would take any one of them. Publix has the ones with fruit on top like that, and they are so gorgeous and appetizing looking. Not for us tho!!
We look but don't touch, but they
are just eye candy for sure!!
That was such a nice blog in honor
of Julia, you are a neat Gram-ma
and I bet they love you to death.
Happy Birthday Julia,
May the Lord truly bless your day.

And Bonnie, that place at the table is definitely yours, Becky
and I love you too, and wish we all lived closer, but we always our blogs!! We will be doing some
mean shopping, decorating and talking when we all get to heaven.
Love & Blessings girly,

margaret said...

I guess growing up has its little sadnesses, it's little tugs at the heart but, goodness, does she look like you!

Is this the one that was born in the long-named Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion in Edinburgh?

The cute story about Simpson is that he discovered chloroform and advocated its use on women in childbirth even though the medical establishment thought we should just get on with it in agony (because of Eve). He was living in a house in Queen Street in Edinburgh at the time and tried it on his male dinner guests. The next day he was lambasted by his good Presbyterian teetotal housekeeper who had found them all lying on the floor and assumed they were drunk! Anyway chloroform is why he got the maternity hospital named after him.