Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How to Make Hearts in Your Blog Text

My friend Traci recently taught me how to make ♥s in my blog posts and in comments to others. I them and wanted to show you how to do it. This is the html code for them and you enter it all as one word with no spaces, but so I can show you how ~ you will see spaces between the characters.

& h e a r t s ; You type it like that where you want your heart to go..remembering not to put in the spaces. When you publish your post or comment, up pops a ♥ in place of the code. You can also use it on Facebook. You can change the color of your or the size of your s but you cannot bold them. Bold undoes the magic somehow. If you try Italics you just get this ♥.

Anyway, I think the ♥s are very fun and cute and different and simple. If you agree~have at it!

Oh and by the way...I you! Bon


Sally said...

thanks Bon! ♥

how do you change the color?

Marie said...

Bonnie! I ♥ you for showing me how to do this. I have always wanted to know how! Thanks so much!! Now if somebody would only show me how to do words with lines crossed through them, I'd be so pleased!

LA Adams said...

Bonnie, you really are the best! I loved the 'rain' video you had for your son and all the little tidbits you have for friends! One of these days we've got to get together so you can help me make my house feel and look nice instead of student housing. Thanks for the bits here and there!!!!!

Bonnie said...
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Bonnie said...

Linda Ann, I would be happy to help you with your house...anytime.

Marie, I will do a post on strike outs tomorrow..stay tuned.

Sal, just go to your compose page, highlight the ♥ and change the color like you would text. It doesn't work in the comments as there are no tool bar options. Piece o'cake! Enjoy!

laura.elizabeth said...

I &heart this! Did it work did it work? I will keep practicing. Thanks for sharing.