Monday, August 31, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook~August 31, 2009

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So, For Today...Monday, August 31, 2009

Outside my window...It is barely daylight and our American Flag is gently blowing in the breeze. I love being able to see it from my window. It adds some brilliant color to all the greenery of the trees outside. It is supposed to be a lot cooler again today. On Saturday we had temperatures between 103 and 107 reported in our area. One thing is for matter what the actual number was it was incredibly HOT! The air was so still it felt like you could cut it with a knife. Ugh! Those are the day I hate not having A/C. But like true pioneers...we survived it. Sunday we were so thankful for the fog rolling into the bay and cooling things down over 20 degrees. Along with that cooling came a nice breeze....ahhh, so nice.

I am thinking...this week looks a lot less hectic than last week on paper. We'll it actually plays out!

From the learning room...I am learning that I can do just about anything if I set my mind to it. Being positive and hopeful and having faith in ourselves, as well as in God, are paramount to success.

From the kitchen...I have learned that I spend less on groceries if I shop on Mondays~after the weekend, not right before. It also seems better for eating healthy foods as there seems to be a bigger mindset for treats on the weekend but if they are not in the house...all the better. So grocery shopping is on my agenda for today.

I am wondering....what kind of a mess painting the exterior of the house will stir up as I have just finished cleaning up from the windows and doors project. Ahh, the dust, but it is well worth it. I need to get all the outsides of the new windows washed today or tomorrow. I am weird I guess, but I like to wash windows.

I am wearing..Snoopy PJ's bottoms and a white shirt. I am so boring on this response each week but I did buy a new pair of PJ's last week for a sleepover I am going to later in the month. Yep, occasionally we still do that. A bunch of us ladies are going to a two day conference in September just for women. Woohoo!

I am reading...Yet another diet book.

I am creating...order out of chaos~deep cleaning the cottage. No options with all the just has to be done.

I am praying for...a few older friends that are having serious health issues~getting old is not always a fun thing. I am praying for family members especially the kids as they are getting into their new school year and for Laura who is home schooling Spencer this year. Lots of work for mom but better for Spencer and she does a super job of it so it takes a lot of her time and energy. Today is day one of 5th grade for him. And I am hoping little Zachary loves Kindergarten.

I am hearing....Stormy Weather by a new singer to me..Max Raabe that I discover through Lowell. If you love music from the 20s and 30s check out this guy. Very fun music.

I am get organized for the new month, do the budget, buy birthday cards and gifts, stock the pantry (or larder as Marie, my sweet friend from England calls it, read about hers here), set some short term goals, etc.

I am quoting...Jesus Christ..."As I have loved you, love one another."

My spiritual thoughts include..being thankful for all the people who share our belief in Christ and in living a good life. I am so weary of reading about all the evil and sin in this world and love knowing so many good people that bless our lives daily by following His teachings as we try to survive in this messed-up world.

Around the house...there is always something to do to improve our little corner of the earth.

Today I brother, Steve, he and Emily are in Europe today and they left us their Itinerary. Today they are in Berlin. Hopefully they are enjoying every minute.

I am get some genealogy and family history things done this week.

I have been procrastinating...getting all our photos tagged in iPhoto but I am working on it a little each day. Getting it done will be wonderful!

One of my favorite things...linen spray from HomeGoods. They have great fragrances and they make your bedroom linens smell heavenly!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Just the usual homemaking things and a fun Luau with church friends for our Relief Society opening social. Getting the house painting scheduled, getting with our travel agent for Italy plans. Maybe some tentative plans for a family reunion with Jim's cousin on November 1st. And a definite out my clothes closet!

Here is are 3 pictures and a thought I am sharing with you...These photos are about being brave and overcoming fear. Our granddaughter, Julia, got her ears pieced on her 9th birthday last week. In their family the girls can get their ears pierced at age 8 if they want to do it.

Julia had waited forever to get it done last year. Somehow she missed that you could not take the earrings out for several weeks and took them out one day at school because they were bothering her. The holes had closed up before she got home. She was so sad and tried to have it done again a few weeks later when we were out visiting. She wanted to do it so badly but the memory of the little gun was too fresh. She cried and cried because she was too afraid to do it. Her Mom told her she could try again when she turned nine. This year she faced her fear and did it. Because I know how scared she was last year, I am so proud of her facing that fear and having faith that it would be OK. She is just so happy now and no little girl I have ever known (except maybe her Aunt Laura) is more in love with all things for her this is a good thing.) Overcoming our fears is something that is always hard...she did it!

Making the decision

Doing it!

Happy about her victory!

And that is my daybook for today! Make it a great week!


Shaun at Oak Den said...

Lovely post! I ALWAYS enjoy reading your day book and imagining your life.

Thank you for your uplifting comments to me and your encouragement. We leave for France in one week and I'm slowly getting things in order so I can go. My Miss Abbie has had a hard time "letting" us go, and I have a hard time leaving her. But she'll get to spend a week with a favorite aunt and a week with her Gramma, so she'll have her own adventures.

Do you have your tickets to Italy? Your trip is coming up quickly also, isn't it? Fun-fun!

Have a great week!!

xo Shauna