Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Lowell!

Happy Birthday, To Our Lowell!

I have never been one to like the "in-law" designation. It just implies some kind of obligation to care about someone and a distance that I do not think belongs in families. It is like always designating an adopted child as "adopted"...that setting apart is so unnecessary. When our son, Chris was growing up he was sad that he didn't have any brothers. What his parents couldn't give him, his sisters have! We love Lowell and Robert and Melissa with all of our hearts.

Lowell being a Harry Potter fan...
Just know we are thrilled you
have been sorted into our House!
Cake found on

Lowell has been our son for almost 12 years now! He has brought so much joy and fun and love into our lives, and such peace in knowing he is a good husband to Jen, and a wonderful father to our granddaughters.

Birthday portrait drawn by Piper for her Daddy.

Julia's self portrait with her Daddy

Lowell is a very talented musician and has a really wonderful singing voice. He loves choral music, as well a lot of other types of music, but I bet he hasn't heard this piece before. (Oh, knowing him he probably has but it reminded me of his days in Extempo.) So enjoy, Lowell! Turn your volume up a little! Close your eyes and listen to the rain!

Have a wonderful Birthday, Lowell, and a healthy, bright and prosperous new year! We love you!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi bonnie,
I had seen the part with the rain but not the whole song. That is so neat, and I love the way they make the thunder. the whole thing is amazing.
Nice you love your son Lowell so much, that is a blessing to him as well as to you and your family.
He sounds like a very nice hubby and dad.
Just want to say:

Blessings from Nellie in Florida

Shaun at Oak Den said...

Loved the music video! I also love how you feel about your additional children! You are very blessed, I can see.

Lowell said...

Thanks for your kind words, Bonnie, and for the video. You're right, I hadn't heard that one... I went to the group's web page, and they claim to be Slovenia's only jazz choir. (How about that!) The thunder caught me off guard... very fun.

Thank you for being such a great Mom!