Thursday, August 13, 2009

Funnies From Family and Friends

Sometimes people write the funniest posts that just keep coming back to me through out the days or weeks. Here is a two part story written by my friend's husband that I thought was great. This is the second part of it and I love the title of part 2!

Our daughter, Jen, has had some funny ones lately too. Actually she hasn't been blogging much since she got her new iPhone but when she does, it is a treat! Here is the first one. Me, I would relent and take care of it, but not my Jennifer. No way!

I also loved this one from her household.

I am having trouble with this link so I am just going to paste it over here from our daughter, Laura.

Sleeping With The Enemy

"I absolute despise doing the laundry. I hate everything about it- sorting it, washing and drying it, folding it, and putting it away! It is without question my least favorite household chore. Anyway, my overall dislike of laundry has everything to do with this funny little story and its title so I had to share it with you first thing.

Okay so I went to bed last night REALLY late because it took me 4 1/2 hours to order the boys school clothes on-line (in order of dislike shopping on-line is second only to doing the laundry) Anyway, so just after 1 am I stumble up the stairs with one eye open and walk into my room. Much to my dismay there was a pile of laundry on the bed that I did not get around to folding. I was too tired to deal with it then (though I would like to say it is NOW done) so I pushed it over to Roberts side of the bed (as he is out of town) and dropped into bed.

The next morning Ross woke up before me and came and stood beside my bed. His eyes were bugging out of his head but he didn't say a word. "Ross what is wrong?" I asked feeling a little frightened. Seeing the pile of laundry under the blanket but not knowing what it was he blurted out "MOM, WHO IS IN BED WITH YOU!?!"

I could not help myself- I burst out laughing! What a funny kid."


Shaun at Oak Den said...

THAT is funny!

Marie said...

Funny stories Bon, but what I love most is the expression on that little fella's face!! What a charmer!