Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Guardian Angel

Double Click to see his eyes!
It would be spooky if he wasn't such a nice angel!

Do you ever buy something that is just kind of weird but you have to have it for some reason? There is this little shop in Lafayette called The Hen House and the proprietor has the most funky, old and new things in there. One time a long time ago I went in and she had these funny little angels. They all had different faces and glass eyes. The head and wings are kind of a cement/garden element kind of material, maybe plaster? For reasons I cannot explain... I just fell in love with this little guy. I think I should give him a name!

I use to have him outside by the front door but when we redecorated our entry way I put him over the hall tree so you can see him when you first walk into the house. Since then I have thought of him as our little guardian angel. Anyway, just one of my little treasures I am sharing today.

Elements for nesting the home really "talk to me" when I am out and about. I would think this was pretty weird but Jim says food "talks to him" too! Every once in awhile he will just throw open the cupboards and frig and make something delicious and creative out of what I call, empty cupboards~time to go shopping. It always does amaze me. One of the things always talking to him is garlic!

Are we just a couple of weirdos who found each other and rightly so, or do things talk to you too?


laura.elizabeth said...

Oh no, I must be a Mattson through and through because things talk to me too. Food- yup! Decor- uh-hu! Music- yes! This IS kind of weird now that I think about.

mandy* said...

I don't think you two are weird at all!! I think we all have at least one thing in our lives that talks to us.

Marie said...

I have things that talk to me as well Bon, although right now I can't think of one. That is a very unusual angel person! The eyes are quite penetrating!