Sunday, August 2, 2009

Clifford The Big Red Dog

A Facsimile

Meet Clifford the Big Red Dog. He is our big red van and we have had him for several years. Actually this is not our actual big red dog but, one I found on flickr to show you what he looks like. Clifford is very pretty on the outside but he is old, and has traveled many miles in his day. He is on his very last long distance run right now. He is loaded to the gills and pulling a trailer full of our niece's household effects through the hot desert at this very moment.

One time when Clifford was a Pup we took him on a 9000 mile tour of the USA and it was an amazing vehicle to travel in. My theory is that because you are basically sitting in the seat like you would in a comfy chair it is more comfortable than if you have your legs stretched out in front of you like most cars. There is just something about this car...I am not a car person but this car I have genuinely loved. When we bought our newer Toyota van both Jim and I could not tranfer the love. We still haven't. When a car of ours doesn't get a name, is just not good. Clifford is just very roomy and all the grandkids that are old enough to remember riding in Clifford have loved it.

Clifford the Big Red Dog~for reals

Clifford has been a real people mover in his day. Carting loads of young people on great adventures, family and friends all around, and the like. The last one was a biking trip across CA with the young men in our church about a month ago. Clifford has been great but here's the thing. When he came back from the bike trip we learned the A/C had not been working. So off to the shop he went...600 and something dollars later and still no A/C with a list as long as he is of things that need to be done...Clifford has become a money pit.

So today the guys are driving across the desert with no air and a very heavy load and all prayers are focused on safety and endurance until they make it home on Monday night. Jim said the weather is a scorcher...not that they were expecting otherwise, but they were hoping it would not be 103 and rising. They are taking turns riding with Erin in her nice air-conditioned car. They have another 6 hours of driving to get to Jen and Lowell's for the night.

So while they are doing this I have been having some fun. Last night I went to a bridal shower for a lovely young woman that I love dearly. This is Mike and Gabrielle's cute Wedding announcement photo. They met in our Single's Ward! August 27th is their big day!

After that I came home and watched a fantastic movie. It is the White Countess with Ralph Fiennes and Natasha Richardson (Vanessa Redgrave's daughter that died in the skiing accident) and Vanessa and Lynn Redgraves. It was amazing. I highly recommend it if you have Netflix.

Today I went to church and then over to my friend's house to help her with her new Mac. I learned something...I don't know much! Talk about the blind leading the was comedic. But we muddled through with Jen & Lowell's long-distance tech support. I also learned I cannot work a computer without a mouse. Ugh! That little mouse pad thingy and rolling your finger around on it is for the birds. I know you get use to it eventually but I am not that patient. I don't want to get use to it! If I had to use one of those I would be free of my computer addiction in no time flat. Same with an takes me forever to type on I'll stick to the big desktop iMac.

A Must Have!!

So it is very quiet and boring here at my house right now. But I am going to make a tomato sandwich with a large, beautiful tomato my mother-in-law grew in her garden, put on my jammies before the sun goes down and hang out with myself. And I am not going to be jealous that in a few hours Grampa gets to see our sweet little grandkids and I don't.

As much as I them I would not have wanted to cross the desert in August with no air, stay for a few hours and then come back. And as much as I have enjoyed having Clifford the Big Red Dog, he's is dying now and I want to remember him the way he was in his prime. Fingers crossed he can make this one last leg of the journey with no problems! And then he will be our new garage for storing things until he goes to the big car heaven in the sky or whatever they have for old, old dogs. I wish dogs had nine lives like cats!

He has been a good doggy so I am thinking the
funeral plan one or two steps up from this would be nice.
We will miss you, Cliffy!
Please bring Grampa and Uncle Steve home safely and
then you can rest from all your labors!


Faye said...

I don't know what you are talking about - that you don't know much - you were a life saver. I have been blogging non-stop ever since you helped me with my screen, picture moving tips, etc. I SO APPRECIATE that you are willing to share your time and talents with me. I have definately become more attached to my computer now that some of the frustration is gone. Thank you thank you!!!