Friday, July 31, 2009

Sunrise Sunset, Swiftly Go the Days...

Here are couple of kids that mean the world to us. They are our niece and nephew, Erin and Scott. Just yesterday Erin received her Master's Degree in Applied Math from Cal State University, Northridge. I cannot even fathom a thesis on math! This weekend she is moving to Salt Lake City to begin working on her PhD while teaching at the U of U. She gets a 12 day break and then back to the grind. I think she is way too young to be this smart, don't you?

Tomorrow morning Jim and my brother, Steve, are going down to load up her stuff and take it to SLC while she drives her car. The guys are pretty excited about this adventure and we are pretty excited that Erin will have a chance to live a lot closer to our two oldest kids and families for the next five years! None of us would have imagined three kids would end up in the same state, but they are. We are so happy for Erin and are just amazed at her talents, intellect and extreme beauty inside and out. You go, girl! You will make SLC a better place!

As for Scott, he is studying music in NYC. He is an amazing bass player (not guitar but the big upright bass)...and is receiving instruction from some of the best in the world. He is a world class player and has been enjoying the music of the City and making some of his own for a few years while getting his degree in Music.

This is, my brother Gary's, beautiful wife, Marilyn, and mother of these two outstanding kids. She came over today to drop off a few things for the van and trailer before the guys take off. She brought Erin's dog, Lola, whom mom and dad have inherited, and here she is in her doggie car seat. I had no ideas there was such a thing. I lead a sheltered life. You girls need to keep me better informed!

Lola is a Min-Pin

It just seems like yesterday these kids were babies! It is an exciting time to see our parents' grandkids grow up and succeed in their chosen fields. I wish my mom and dad could to be here to see them. They would be so proud of each and everyone of their seven grandkids. I like to think they are gazing down from heaven with happy smiles on their faces. Each one of their grandkids have a wonderful grasp of the work ethic and goal setting. We are very proud of them.

Best of luck, Er-Bear!
Enjoy the snow!

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Marie said...

wow, what incredibly talented and beautiful young people. I think your mom and dad would have been very proud indeed!

Miss Jen said...

I'm still not really sure how we can possibly be related to 2 people this good looking!