Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Farewell

Last night we had what turned out to be a family reunion for some of the extended family to say hi and bye to the kids. Some had not ever met Chloe or Hazel so that was fun. Of course they were all surprised at how much Piper and Julia have grown and what lovely young ladies they are.

All Jen's Aunts and Uncles were here , her cousin, Nick and some first cousins once removed and some second cousins as well. Our family and our close friends, the Leals, enjoy a four-generation legacy of being friends now. The fourth generation met and had fun together in our pool. I am sure that when Jim and Bill met as cub scouts in their childhood, they never dreamed their grandchildren would swim together one day and be friends. Nor that Jim's mother and Bill's father would enjoy doing things together in their 80s after each losing their spouses. Life is always full of surprises, isn't it?

Not the best photos but they are action photos and Aron only stayed in the water about 2 nano seconds~too cold! But he was prepared with life jacket and goggles. Wilsey (William) did not want to go in at all, but he observed from the side of the pool.

Jim and Lowell did the BBQing and
Uncle Gary kept Lowell company.

To accompany the Tri-tip we added:
Gramma Jo's famous potato salad and a jello salad and
a green salad along with baked beans and
San Francisco sour dough bread.

Bethy, Andy, Barbara, and Paul

Grandma Gloria
Aunt Marilyn and Lola (their grand dog!)

Nick, Mara, Aunt Marilyn

Aunt Emily and her grandson, Sebastian

Uncle Steve, Jen, Aunt Gail

S'Mores made by everyone and
brownies made by Jen for dessert

Julia all dressed up in some clothes
Aunt Gail gave her,

sitting with Grampa at the end of
the evening and holiday together.

Aunt Barbara and Hazel playing with the tether ball.

Just before it started to sprinkle
and everyone went home.

I can never remember it raining in July before!
It was like heaven was shedding a few tears
because the kids were leaving and there's a
Gramma and Grampa left behind here
with empty arms again!

What a Fun and Busy Week!
We Miss You All!

It is going to be hard to get a back to 'business as usual' tomorrow!


Mommy Bethy said...

thanks for the great dinner, we loved it. i have to download the pictures of wilsey's hair. piper's marshmallow was present for a couple days!!!

mandy* said...

Oh man! We totally missed out on the fun! What a great night!