Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Deanna's Birthday Blog Party

My blogging friend, Deanna, at Timeless Things, wanted to celebrate her birthday tomorrow and mine by having some of her friends post baby photos of themselves. I promised her I would so I have been digging through old photos this morning and here are a few I found. Happy Birthday Deanna! A little package is on its way...I hope it gets there tomorrow!

This is a picture of me at age 2!

Six Months Old


With My Cute Mom and Dad


Diamondaj said...

Those are some of the most adorable pictures I have ever seen. The first one is my favorite : )

Deanna said...

OOOhhhh Bon!!! Look at you in that fancy schmancy high chair...Ooh la la!! You are one fine looking baby! I see Hazie's eyes on your picture with your dear Mom and Dad. The first picture just steals my heart Bon. You looks as if you're saying.."I didn't do it"!!!

Thank so much my dearest Bon, for celebrating this happy day with me! You have been such a wonderful and supportive friend and I value our friendship dearly. I can't imagine not having met you. So I have Blogger to thank for meeting my Birthday Twin!

Love you dearly,
Deanna :D

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Adorable baby pics! I love your little curls....and the way you are holding those precious little hands together!!

Angelic Accents

Mom of 2 Roses said...
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Mom of 2 Roses said...

You were such a cutie! I want to squeeze your little cheeks at age 2. You could have been in movies you were so darn cute!
Laurie (Deanna's sister)

Lisa said...

Love your pics!!! What a beautiful baby!!
Isn't fun Deanna is having this party!! Nice to get to know you! Happy Birthday to your Brother too. My Mom will be 60 this year!
Hugs, Lisa

Sares said...

You were a beautiful little girl! Those photos in the high chair are adorable. How special that you have one with both your parents. I think you favor your Dad!

It was nice to stop in and meet you, have a wonderful evening.

Sares @ Loveleigh Treasures

Bellamere Cottage said...

How darn cute you were!....This little party has been so much fun. Lots of adorable little gals!....and one cute boy too.

Blessings and hugs,

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