Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Big Six Ohhhhh!!

Meet my Brother~Steve!

Steve is an awesome brother and Jim and I love him very much. Steve is the comedian in our family, he is very bright and extremely witty. In his younger years he was a good looking version of Sonny Bono or was it just that his wife, Emily reminded us of Cher?

Now he reminds me more of Steve Martin.
Or at least he did when he did his hair like this...
whomever he is, he is definitely Hollywood material ladies!!!

Sister in law, Marilyn, Steve, Emily, Mom, Alesha, Nick

Here are a few photos of Steve through some of the last 6 decades. I could find only one box of old photos in my rush this morning. Happy Birthday, Stevie!

Some of the Family Got Together on the 29th at Claim Jumpers
To Celebrate The Blessed Event of 3 Score Years Ago!
Happy 60th, little b

Marilyn, our brother Gary, Scott their son,
Raul, Sebastian, Alesha, Emily and Steve.

Brother, Birthday Cake and Bunny Ears!

Steve gets help blowing out his candle from their grandson, Sebastian (sitting on Emily's lap) In the background their daughter Alesha and her husband Raul (soon to be the parents of Steve and Emily's 2nd grandchild.) This time it's a girl! Yay! Nick, Steve and Emily's son, lives farther away so celebrated with his Dad on Sunday.

Now back to the Past

Our Grandparents, Steve and me and our baby brother, Gary!

Steve grew up in the 60's and still loves his guitar. He is a great musician and sings up a storm when encouraged at family gatherings. He is my hero in that department. I always wanted to sing and make people happy with music but never had the courage (or the talent) to just belt it out with on-lookers.

A little bit of Ricky Nelson here....

In high school Steve was an amazing Track star and held some pole vaulting records. I can still remember watching him fly over that pole thinking what in the heck...? How does he do that? He got his degree in Economics (perfect for his retirement years...but he spent most of his career as a plant manager for Central Sanitation.) He loves graphic design and has several monitors on his office desk where he does some astonishing things. He has his own company called Pixelvision and does work as a professional videographer. His creative designs and editing are outstanding.

A George Harrison~Paul Mc Cartney morph?
Time to get married to Emily!

A Dad 3 whole days
Little Alesha

Nicky and Alesha in the old days!

Great Family!
Long live your four-legged reason for getting up and embracing each day!
Steve and Oscar are loving life together these days!

My brother is a great all-around guy.
He is helpful, generous to us and very sweet.
We love you tons, Steve-o. Happy 6-0!
3 score and 2, let me tell ya!!

Always blazing the trail a few steps ahead of ya!
Love, Your Sister!

Me when you were born!
"Mommy and Daddy, I am over here...leave that baby alone!"


Deanna said...

Happy Birthday to brother Steve!! Wow, he really was a whole lot of celebrities rolled into one wasn't!! I loved the pictures and my favorite was of you, Steve and Gary with your grandparents.

Hope Steve has a wonderful day!!

Tomorrow it's your turn!!!

Steve said...

Wow. I finally made your blog...what an honor! Thanks for all of the kind words, especially the ones that exaggerated my accomplishments. Way to go. Love you Bon!! teb

Bonnie said...

What exaggerations? I felt I left a lot out in the interest of saving stuff for another time! Love you sweet brother~always have, always will!

Bellamere Cottage said...

Oh my....that was fun. Your brother was/is a cutie! I'm going to be 59 in a couple of weeks, so that was certainly my era... :-) Gosh it's funny to look back. What a lovely family....both then AND now!


Deanna said...


Have a wonderful day today birthday twin!!

Deanna :D