Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Randomness

I'd Rather be Here, but.....

This weekend has been a very low key one for us. That is something that seems so odd around here. I don't know about you but sometimes when things slow down, I feel antzy and fidgety. It is like I love the idea of a carefree, nothing to do type day, but when they come feels weird sometimes. I feel like I want to do something...but I don't know what.

Yesterday we just basically did nothing. Got up later than usual...did a little planning on the next part of our remodel. Lounged around, went to the Farmer's Market to buy tomatoes, and picked up a dessert for our church potluck. We took naps and Jim rode his bike and that was about it.

For dinner we headed over to the church for a potluck that focused on the pioneers and our ancestors. The activities committee did an amazing job. It is not easy to plan an activity that appeals to all ages but I think they did it. They had a petting zoo for the little ones and some candle making. Check out these tiny ponies and bizarre looking chickens.

This is the tiniest horse I have ever seen. He is just a pony.
The lady in the photo is new since we have returned,
I think her name is Christine.

His mom isn't much bigger and here he is stopping in
for a little milk before being mauled by more kids!

This white rooster had to be the ugliest chicken ever.
He just looked and sounded so mean.
They were crowing up a storm.

It reminded me how I love to hear a rooster crow
in the morning
from someone else's yard.

This is Catherine, my new visiting teacher and her
little boy Joshua next to her.
I don't know the other little boy.
There is a whole new crop of kids
that have been born while we
were gone for
five and a half years at the Singles' Ward.
The boys are rolling up wax candles.

Pioneer dresses

Patty was in charge of the pioneer display. These are some pioneer dresses that Lou brought for us to see. Several members brought diaries and photos and artifacts belonging to their pioneer ancestors and that have now been passed on to them for safe keeping and their posterity.

I love that the memories of these brave souls are remembered and celebrated once a year. In settling the west they have given so much to the things and times we so freely enjoy today. We had a nice potluck dinner and enjoyed visiting with friends. We were home by 8:15 and I then watched a documentary on Alexander Hamilton (interesting statesman and character) done by PBS and Jim prepared a lesson for his 14 year-olds for today.

Today was a regular church day and inspiring as usual. We came home, had lunch and took a nap. Hmmm, we are one exciting couple, don't you think?

When I woke up from my nap I was trying to think of what to write about today so I thought I'd try that thing the Indians use to do when naming their kids after the first thing they see after the birth. I saw this and decided to show you some fun things I found on a shopping trip lately.

You can see them better if you double click the photo

We have had this shelf for a long time and lately it had been looking pretty boring so when I was shopping with my friend, Maureen, a few weeks ago, I bought the orange bottle and the other finial type thing with the glass ball. I like them and they fit on this shelf perfectly.

OK, then that is it from here. This blog now has 745 posts on it. I think I shall give myself an award~this may very well be the most boring one I have ever written! Picking up the pace tomorrow, I promise!

Love to you~ Bon


Shaun at Oak Den said...

I love Pioneer Day and my pioneer ancestors. Today in Primary I asked the children how many of them have pioneer ancestors and about 1/2 raised their hands. I told them that it used to be that just about everyone in the church had pioneer ancestors, and that now, with the church growing the way it is, those who DO have pioneer ancestors are getting fewer and fewer. KInd of interesting to think about.

I think this is a lovely post, by the way!

Marie said...

As boring as you may think it is, it looks to me like you had a wonderful weekend! I wish pioneer day was as big a deal over here as it is over there!