Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun with H2O

Friday was another fun packed day. The guys actually went Kayaking and had a great time. Here are a few photos of the beautiful San Francisco Bay and them in their kayaks.

Jen and the girls and I went to San Francisco and had a lot of fun too but all those photos are on her iPhone so I need to have her send them to me when she wakes up this morning. Jim has taken the three big girls on a little hike so the house is very quiet and everyone is still asleep. We girls went to Sausalito via the Bay Cruise. The girls loved riding on the ferry boat.

Weird and wonderful sculptures of San Francisco

Vaillancourt Fountain

Cheese Shop at the Ferry Building

Overlooking the Bay where the men were kayaking
and our ferry boat as it approaches the dock.

Ferry Boat Cabin

Ice Cream in Sausalito

When we got home we have some backyard fun and rested.

Here is the extra bedroom!

We bought this pool for the kids but the adults enjoyed it too. Well, the men anyway! We thought we'd have hotter weather but it has been just beautiful and pretty mild all week.

Grampa gets in on it~
Our "Solar Heat" hasn't really kicked in yet.

All of the above diverted all the little people from
accidentally falling
in the pond to get near some H2O.

Hazie loves this ball!

Hazie and I had fun with the ball. She is so cute she is talking some and learning to sign. She knows the sign for ball and is quite intrigued with them. Her breathing is just great here at sea level. Maybe they'll just leave her here with us maybe? Not holding my breath on that one though.


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
Wonderful to see you are all having such a great time, I am so
glad!! The kids are all so cute.
Nice the guys got to go kayaking as well. Loved the shot of them in the kiddie pool, how cute is that! You can tell they are all
very secure in their manhood!! ha
Thanks for taking the time to share your photos and good time.
Love and Blessings, Nellie