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A Simple Woman's Daybook~July 6. 2009

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So, For Today...Monday, July 6, 2009

Outside my window... the sun is starting to appear in the eastern skies and that silhouettes the large trees that surround our home. It is perfectly still out like the wind hasn't awakened just yet. I can still see a few bright stars. I do love this time of day when it is so quiet and fresh outside. I am definitely a lark if choosing between lark and nightingale. I had a friend that use to say, "An ounce of morning is worth a pound of afternoon." I couldn't agree more. I can get more done in these early morning hours than any other time of the day.

I am thinking...about all the last minute things I need to do before our kids arrive from Utah around dinner time.

From the learning takes me a lot longer to get things done than it use to when I was younger and had lots of endless energy. Now it is a gift that must be used in a slower more calculated way to preserve it. The tortoise and the hare come to mind...!

I am thankful for...the fact that Jen and Lowell and the girls can come for a visit here for the first time in over 2 years. Even though they are only 12 hours away by car it is hard to leave the hospital area where you live when you have a child with spina bifada. Not only that but three of their four girls were sick (including Hazie) this week and so was Grampa. Always something...

From the kitchen...I am as prepared as I can be for feeding seven extra people this week and a big out door party feeding many more on Saturday. I did a lot of cooking and freezing ahead of time to make it less hectic day by day.

I am wondering...How our friend, Paul, who is coming with the family from Utah will survive 12 hours in the back seats of the van with 4 kids! He is single and childless. Should be interesting!

I am wearing...white PJs.

I am reading...John Adams

I am creating...some semblance of order in this quiet before the storm!

I am praying for...a safe journey for the kids.

I am hearing..Beautiful by Carole King.

I am quoting...Rob Robison~"The Fountain of Youth is Learning." I like that since I am looking for it now!!

I am going..To go to Home Depot and buy a few beautiful pots of flowers for our front porch.
My spiritual thoughts include...continual gratitude and amazement for God's Plan of Happiness.

Around the house...looking forward to a week of relaxation in the yard with the grand girls, eating outside, being with our daughter's family again after more than six months. Can't wait to spoil our little grandkids with lots of hugs, kisses and one on one time with them.

Today I miss...Laura and Chris' family and wishing we could all be getting together for a big family reunion. It has been three years since we have all been together. Much , much, much too long!

I am hoping...the weather will be moderate this week so we don't slow cook our UK visitor!

I have been procrastinating....getting off the computer
and getting busy!

One of my favorite things...the way things tend to get done with a deadline. Love that!

A few plans for the rest of the week...going to Santa Cruz boardwalk, picnic in the park, Girl's spa night, Kayaking for the men, S'mores, Farmer's Market, Skippolini's Pizza, Pier 39.

Here is a picture and a thought I am sharing with you...

~Julia, Piper, Hazel and Chloe~
One year older now and one year more precious to us.
We have 5 whole days together and lots of fun activities to do,
places to go, and people to see.
The part I am looking forward to the most is
just hanging out and being together.
We will run out of time before we run out of plans.
Thanks Grampa for one of your famous agendas!

Just arrived up to the minute photo transmitted via Jen's iPhone at 6:31 MST this morning~Hazie having a powdered sugar donut and some milk. Heading to Gramma and Grampa's house. I hope she looks this relaxed in 12 hours!

The Big Girls With Paul
I can see the iPhone is going to be an all day, play by play of the launch and landing! Here are Julia, Piper, and Paul wearing fake mustaches from the gumball machine at first potty stop on Interstate 80. Paul looking only mildly crazed at this point!

Chloe Jane makes a break for it!
They had to stop in Elko as Hazel's Doctor called with lab results~bladder infection. Bummer but at least it is not a mystery and now they have meds. But Chloe gave Jen a little aerobic workout chasing her in the pharmacy! Never a dull moment in the life and times of Miss Jen! I feel confident Grampa will wear her out when she is here. Within 24 hours she will be too tired to make a dash for it!

12:40 Winnemucca, NV they are half way!
Lunch at Mickey D's. No worries, Honey, no Mac Donald's while you are here 'cuz I know how much kids hate that place! Just nice organic fruits and veggies and whole grains for you! OK, well lets just say we'll split it 50/50 for five days.

My question to myself is why am I sitting here doing this when they will be here in 5 hours and I still have a ton to do? Answer....the old gray mare ain't what she use to be...needed a few minutes to recoup from the frantic morning.


Shaun at Oak Den said...

Oh! I hope you have such a wonderful week with your family! What a sweet picture of your granddaughter and what excitement for all those children driving to Gramma's house! You are such an inspiration to me! I look forward to my gramma days that will come soon enough.

Have a lovely week!

Bellamere Cottage said...

Oh Bonnie......what an adorable family....I know you'll be enjoying this special time with them.

Thanks so much for coming and your kind words....This has opened up so much of the pain for my daughter and my little guy....

Grateful hugs,

Sara said...

I hope you have a FANTASTIC time with the family! Can't wait to see pictures from their visit!

I was driving towards Baton Rouge last week and they are starting to build a new development....
Wadsworth made me think of the Utopia you and Spencer have developed.

The Gatchell Crew said...

I love this post. How cool is that Iphone thingy. Maybe someday I will be up with the times enough to even know how to use a phone like that. Bonnie have a wonderful time with the grandgirls. I am so happy that you will have this time with your family. :) Have fun!!!

Julie said...

Have a blessed & exciting time with your grandbabies this week. Enjoy every little moment. Make memories.
We know what its like....our children's grandparents are 12 hrs away and the other one is 5. So visits are precious :)

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
I imagine your family has arrived by now, and I know you are loving ever minute of it. I am so happy for you that you will get this time with them. Will be praying that every minute will be special and blessed cause you are such a sweetie! You cracked me up with the old gray mare ain't what she used to be! Hate to admit it but feel that way myself quite a lot these days. Hay, I mean Hey, course, isn't Hay what gray mares
eat!! ha
Course, what we are losing in stamina we are gaining in wisdom,
at least Ilike to think so..........!! ha
Well, have a lovely lovely week.
Love and blessings,

rwmjs said...

Hey Bonnie-I am glad I came to your blog tonight, not only to enjoy the trip with Jen's pictures, but with your comments it gives me good laugh and happy note to go to bed on. (I do not like to go to bed because there are always more fun things to do but then the next day, without sleep, is not fun. Thanks for your wit and wisdom and love to you all this week. Hope Hazel Jo' recovers quickly. MJS

Elena@EPtreasures said...

I've enjoyed your daybook - thank you.

I'm not the morning type of person - I'm so much the opposite as I can get more done late nights than early mornings .... but as I get older the gap is shortening, lol.

Have a lovely week.

ciao for now,
Elena :)

mandy* said...

The picture of Hazie and the donut is so cute! I couldn't tell what it was until I read the caption. I'm loving the fake mustaches too!