Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jen and Sooz 7/8/09

Tuesday was our day to hang out and just let the travelers recover from the long drive. The last thing the kids wanted was to get back into a car. Jim had to work and Paul took off for San Francisco on BART. The rest of us just played,watched movies, went swimming, chatted, and got ready for our friends, The Goodfellows to come over for dinner. Jen and Susan were roommates all though college and beyond and this was their first reunion in a long time.

These girls had so much fun together during
their college years~we all love Susan!

Hazie and Maddie
Maddie is 7 months old~Hazie is 22 month old
You can see how tiny she still is!

Maddie is thinking...what is that on this baby's head?

Susan, Lance and Paul our friend from Scotland.
Lance was in our singles' ward at one point.
Small world after all.

We really enjoyed seeing Susan and Lance and meeting baby Maddie. It was so fun to be a part of Susan and Jen's reunion. Good times!