Sunday, July 19, 2009

Facebook Communique~I'm An American!

From Jen~ to her iPhone ~to Facebook ~to me ~to you
~as if by July 2009

"Mom: Wow! Chloe, you are so fancy!

Chloe: I'm not fancy. I'm an American.
Mom: Hmmm...what is an American?
Chloe: It's when you have a dress and a necklace and curly hair and a build-a-bear and you are smiling.

From the mouths of babes..."


Neabear said...

So cute!! Love it.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
How sweet is that?? Don't children say just the neatest stuff. I realized early on that my daughter had the gift of wisdom because in some difficult times in my life some very amazing things have come out of her young mouth,
that simply amazed Jim and I. Chloe is a neat lil girl, and that
is an amazing comment really.
Some people in the world don't have dresses and necklaces and bears and smiling faces, but almost all Americans have dresses and necklaces and bears and really should have smiling faces, some don't unfortunately.
So how are you?? I am doing very well, as you said we are very happy to have Scott home. We really feel pretty darn good for having driven 60 hrs. in the car in 3 days. Check in today, I am
blogging about it.
liked your blog about the house you
were staging. I had never heard of a stager until just recently.
In fact, saw it quite a bit on HGTV while at the condo.
Well, have a great week hon,
Love ya, Nellie

Marie said...

That is so sweet Bonnie! What a charmer!