Thursday, July 16, 2009

Words of Affirmation (Summer Rerun) Just like TV!

This morning I was reading Jen's blog again over at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam where she was talking about words of affirmation and how it is the love language of one of her children.

"My 9 year old daughter responds to Words of Affirmation (as outlined in the book, The Five Love Languages for Children), especially from the #1 man in her life. My hubby coached her basketball team, and instead of just handing her the team picture along with the rest of the other team members, he taped it to her headboard with a precious note. It signified to me the power of encouraging words. Encouragement is a gift that requires no money, takes minimal time, and nothing fancy is required. Yet the rewards it reaps in relationships, alongside the realization of everlasting value is priceless."

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In my opinion we have such a sacred duty to help make others know of their value and worth. I love this post she did because it is so true that it takes so little time really to lift another person so high. Whether child or adult, everyone thrives on appreciation, being acknowledged and especially being sincerely told they are loved. How much effort does it really take to notice someone's talents and accomplishments and give them a little high five, bravo or praise? Not much and yet it is so uplifting.

Our Words
I liked what President Obama said regarding education and how when someone drops out of school it becomes everyone's burden and problem. The same holds true when we withhold affirmation to someone for whatever reason. Just think what a different world it could be if everyone took the few seconds it takes to acknowledge the goodness of other people.

I have often thought that if we truly understood how much we can affect another's life and soul we would be more forthcoming with our genuine praises and a lot more careful about the words that flow from our mouths, both negative and positive. It really takes very little effort to brighten another person's day. What is to be gained by abandoning any generous thought?

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