Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Drive By Blogging and a Give Away

I really love the Google Reader but I have to say it is just a place I go to see who is home...kind of like passing someone's neighborhood to see if their car is in the driveway. Even though the blog post and pictures are there I just love going up and knocking on the door of the blog and seeing what is new inside. I love all the designs, colors and the fun and clever things people put on their sidebars, etc.

The other thing I think is helpful about knocking on the door is that you can actually interact with your friends by adding the comments that everyone loves to get. Did you know you can go into the blog by just clicking on the blog name on the reader? It is hard to keep it going with my friends when I just drive by.

I think driving by is a big contributor to not leaving comments which to me is a down side to the Reader. Another contributor may be that we keep adding more and more blogs to read to our Reader and blogroll and then we don't have time to make comments. Now I weed things out of my reader all the time as I add new blogs of interest.

Another thing I do is I look at some of the high profile blogs but do not leave messages. If they are getting 450 comments they don't need mine. That way I can concentrate on the down to earth bloggers out there that I have grown to love through one on one blogging.

What I do now is I keep different blogs on my reader than on my blogroll. If a blog is on my blogroll I read it every time it is updated and try to leave a comment. I use my reader in a different way now and it is more like a magazine or place I go to get information. So my blogroll is growing as I am converting blogs of people that have become friends. And my reader is diminishing as I choose to spend more time with real friends on the blogroll and get a lot of information from other sources than the computer like real books, real magazines, etc.

Personally, I'd rather visit fewer blogs, park and stay awhile. I may not get to each one everyday but I will before their next post shows up on my blogroll. How do you manage your computer time? Are you for driving by or parking?

Stopping To Enjoy The View

As a side note, I have recently added Linked Within to my blog which is the widget that adds the three thumbnails of possible posts you might want to read at the end of each post. I had been seeing them on a lot of blogs but didn't have a clue how to get it. I tried to find it on all the blogger info with no luck but then realized it is a search engine that you add. Just click on the linked within under the thumbnails or Google linked within to add the widget to your blog. It is easy and a lot of fun to read back through the older posts you or someone else has done. You probably all already know this, right?

I have done 750 blog posts on this blog in a year and half. If you would like to be included in a give away as a thank you to those of you that have kept up and on with me, or if you are new today...just leave a comment and I will put you in the drawing. I have no idea what I am giving away at this point but I promise it will be good! I will draw a winner next Wednesday, August 5, 2009. Don't be shy...chime in!


Deanna said...

Hi my darlin!! Just leaving a quick note to tell you that I am sending your box tomorrow. Have been running around and passing myself many times this week! I'll email you later tonight when I get home.

Love you
Deanna :D

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
Loved your post and so agree with it. You can get so bogged down with too too many of them, and I am like you I would rather build relationships with a few people.
Guess we are just people persons!!
Were you ever able to get the pics to come up with the links to facebook?? Hope so, really want you to be able to see them, they are really beautiful pics.
Just finished exercising on the bike and talking with Becky at the same time as I huffed and puffed.
well, you have a good nights sleep hon,
Blessings, Nellie

The Gatchell Crew said...

Bon~ You are super cute. I love the way you write. Your wording alway makes me smile. I too love going to the actual blogs. I love the cute backgrounds & also the music on people's blogs. It's super fun. I know how much I love getting comments on my blog. So I always try & leave one every now & then. Thanks for sharing & being such a fun blogger. :) Love Ya Mare

Shelli said...

You're right, it's so easy to get caught up in everything we want to read. I just give myself a certain amount of time to drive and park around my different blogs and things and when my time is up it's up. I'm much more of a parking kind of girl than not.

Oh, and I added link within. Love it!! Thanks, Bon.

Marie said...

Let's see Bonnie. I have my favourites that I comment on each and every time they post. You are one of them. Then I have others that I visit maybe once or twice a week. I used to read all of them every single day, but I just don't have the time to do that anymore. I think it's wonderful though how closely you can connect with people on here. It's pretty amazing! xxoo

BECKY said...

Hi Bon'! You are just my kind of gal!! I agree with all that you said about not being a drive-by blogger!! I want relationships and follow many of the same guidelines as you! However, I don't use the reader at all. I like using the front door!

Even the fact that you don't know what you're giving it!! Sounds like something I'd do!!

You are a joy and I'm so glad I found you in blogland!!
Thanks so much for adding to my days in your special way!

Love and hugs,

Deanna Munoz said...

I loved this post. So true. You are a TRUE blogger, and you inspire us all.

Nancy said...

My blog reading experience has changed over my time in blogland. I had a set group of blogs I used to read all the time but then I felt like they were a bad influence in my life. Kind of hard to describe but I didn't go away feeling better but rather had angst kindled. So, I detoxed from those and found fewer, yet better ones to read. I've never used google reader but rather put the blogs I follow and enjoy in my favorites. I, too, like to just pop in everyday on them and see who has posted something new. It's always a fun surprise! Whenever I knock on your blogdoor, I always leave a better person. Thanks for that!

Shaun at Oak Den said...

Ha ha! This is a great post. I am a parker. I have a few blogs that I read pretty regularly and some that I go to once in awhile. I do need to be better about leaving comments. You've been a good example to me on this point. You always leave thoughtful comments.

Have a great day!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Girlfriend,
Yep, that is it just being females and who we are, doesn't get any better than that. thanks for coming by and saying Hi today.
Hope you are catching up on your work by now. I haven't gotten much accomplished today accept straightening up and running a few
errands. Took back 3 things that needed to be returned so made $20.00 doing that!! Not bad and paid for my smoothie today!! and
still have 2/3 of my $ left!! Alright!! ha
Like your facebook sketch, I just saw it!! Photoshop is amazing isn't it!! Thanks for putting on your blog yesterday how to do the thing with the comments at the end and then add post you might like.
I didn't understand it for sure but think my hubby might, so am
gonna get him to take a look cause
I too, have been wanting to do that......cause it makes it much
easier for people to leave comments. At first, I didn't want to do that cause I thought they wouldn't be able to go to any
of the other posts, but I think probably the archives post would still be there, gotta check.
Well, have a great day and get all you work caught up.
Blessings, Nellie

Sara said...

I am definitely a parker. I love to read what is going on in my friends lives and check them daily to see what is new. Like you, I like to see the new designs and additions my friends put on their blogs. However, at times I am a cruiser as I look at the blogs of people I am sort of acquainted with. I pop in, glance at what's new and move on.

Congratulations on your 750 blog post!!!!!

Sally said...

You have a great blog! I love the linked in, I have never seen that before. Very cool!

Miss Jen said...

OK! Comments! I'm back. still can't comment from the phone but I am actually at the machine this morning. It may not stick. We'll see!

laura.elizabeth said...

I hear ya babe! I just contacted a friend I haven't talked to in a year and she said, "I read every post on your blog." I was so mad- I thought hey now if you are reading my posts you have to let me know. Anyway, I get it. I am a commenter whenever I read but often I have time to ONLY read or ONLY write. I am working on making more time for it all. Anyway, I love you. That is my comment today!