Saturday, May 31, 2008

Drive By Blogging

I really love the Google Reader but I have to say it is just a place I go to see who is home...kind of like passing someone's neighborhood to see if their car is in the driveway. Even though the blog post and pictures are there I just love going up and knocking on the door of the blog and seeing what is new inside. I love all the designs, colors and the fun and clever things people put on their sidebars, etc.

The other thing I think is helpful about knocking on the door is that you can actually interact with your friends by adding the comments that everyone loves to get. Did you know you can go into the blog by just clicking on the blog name on the reader? It is hard to keep it going with my friends when I just drive by. Personally, I'd rather visit fewer blogs, park and stay awhile. Are you for driving or parking?

Stopping To Enjoy The View


Miss Jen said...

I'm a 'drive by' kind of gal mostly. There are a handful that I actually visit but most of the almost 50 that I have in my reader-I just glance at and click if I see something that catches my eye. I love to read about my friends and family but other people have to have something pretty fab for me to actually read it.

Laura said...

Love the analogy. I enjoy reading and seeing what people do with their blog also. Blogs really show so much of the personality of each person. So great. I like to park----usually, I am more of a drive-in rather than drive by.