Monday, May 19, 2008

Striking Resemblance~If Only!

Planning ahead is essential!

Chloe does not like to have her hair brushed so today
was haircut day
for our little one.

First order of business~buy some treats.
Next, get everything ready and bring them out
just at the right moment.
Then start cutting when the novelty
of the treats is fresh in her mind.
Keep her totally occupied and cut like a mad woman.

Take her picture while having her say..."I'm so cute!"

Tell her she is Gramma's twin!
Let her down to run away and play!
Hide the Treats from the entire household!


Laura said...

Actually, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking many posts ago---how much you and Chloe look alike. You really do have a lot of similar features!!!!! Cute cut!

Bonnie said...

Laura....if only! Thank you though!

Jim said...

Yes in deed...two beautiful woman. i LOVE YOU BOTH.

Mommy said...

i want that cutie and that JAR!!!