Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Going For Blackout Bingo!

In our family so many people were born in May that we are going for Blackout Bingo on the calendar. It is seriously like a mini-Christmas. It is a lot of fun to think about each one and all they contribute to making this a fantastic world! We love them all!

Some of the Greatest People
Were Born in the Month of May!

Let's Party!
Let's Celebrate!

No Nuts!

May 11th was Spencer's 9th birthday along with Mother's Day. He is our oldest Grandson! I went to do a post for his birthday and realized all our pictures are on the computer at home. However, I do have a few here and wanted to let him know how much we love him and how happy we are that he had a great birthday in Italy.

9 Things we Love About Spencer James
Spencer is Obedient, Smart, Loving, Thoughtful, Interested in Many Things, a Great Family Person, So Kind to Everyone, He is Happy, A Great Latter-day Saint.

Spencer, along with his whole family, is spending the week in Switzerland. This was Robert's surprise for Laura for Mother's Day. Not too shabby, right? What a great birthday present for him too!

Yesterday, May 12th was Lowell's Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday, Grandpa Read! We hope your hip is finally getting better and you can get back to working and doing the fun things you love to do! We'll have to get together soon for a trip to the Orleans...or you can come to CA for a native's tour of the City!

Today is Aunt Marilyn's Birthday! Happy Birthday, Marilyn! You still look like you are in your 30s ! Wish we could share cake with you today! Have a memorable time! We are looking forward to seeing you and Gar at the end of the month at Steve and Emily's.

One May 14 Sebastian turns 2!
Can't believe Steve and Emily have been
grandparents this long already!

Happy Birthday Er-Bear on the 16th!
We Miss You!

Happy Birthday Beth on the 22nd! Beth is one of the greatest
ladies we all know! Thanks cousin Bob~
for marrying such a sweetheart!

See it really is Blackout Bingo for us~
Don't you think?


Jim said...

My little Hazel...
What a great complement!!
Your Grandpa Read is one of the best people I know. His kindness and intelligences and warmth light up a room. So...in addition to his good looks I am sure you will have all of his other qualities also.

A Very Happy Birthday to you Read Stewart. Get ambulatory soon... there must be something that you and I need to fix-build-or otherwise improve.

We love the Senior Stewarts!!

Bonnie said...
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Miss Jen said...

Happy birthday all around!