Saturday, May 10, 2008

Racing Moms & Kids!

I arrived here in the afternoon on Thursday. The flight was good except for the stabilizers that seemed a little off as we approached the runway to land. The wings were swaying up and down a little more than usual. But all turned out just fine and here I am. I am becoming more and more a fan of air travel. It is just so fast and anything that gets us closer to the family is a good thing. It took Gail and I longer to get to the airport than for me to actually get here I think. No traffic is a big plus. Thanks again, GG for the ride.

I am always amazed at all the work it is to be a mom. Jen just hits the floor running and doesn't stop until nearly midnight. It is an endless race and these moms are amazing.
I know I did it too, but I sure don't remember it like I witness it now, with all the young moms around me, particularly our own kids. I so appreciate what they do for our grandkids and their spouses and love all three of them so much.

The girls are all so good and so full of energy and need so much time and attention that I feel like the days just kind of run together with all the routines, the carpooling here and there, doctor appointments. etc.

Yesterday was just great as we got to go and see the Field Day for the elementary school where the kids go. Watsach is a great school and I feel like I know so many of the kids and moms just from our frequent visits. The Field Day was held at the Provo High School track. It was fun to see Kim and her girls and Gordon and Becca and Brandon just about ready for his mission. They were there to watch Annie compete. She did great too.

Lining up for the race. The girls ran in groups of eight.

Piper ran in the 50 meter race and did very well. She got 4th place and almost 3rd...She and her friend Mitrian were almost neck and neck. Mitrian took 3rd! They were running so fast the picture was blurred.

Piper and her best buddy~Piper is very relieved after fretting
about the race she realized it was a lot of fun after all.

Another set of best friends..Shelby (Mitrian's Sister) and Chloe
watching their big sisters run the race.

Two seconds after the race Jen , Chloe and I had to run to Salt Lake City to the doctor with Hazie for her helmet adjustment. She just started wearing it and it was needing a little help so as to be more comfy for her. She is adorable. I will do my next post on her!


Jim said...

Yea Piper!!!
challenges are fun once you have mastered the fear!!
Good work...I wish I could have been there to cheer you on!!
I live you.
Love, Grandpa Jim

Miss Jen said...

This is a great analogy since I feel like I am constantly running. Lowell and I talk about 'hamster wheel activities'--things you have to keep redoing and redoing every single day...we have a lot of those right now and it does make for quite the 'race'.