Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wide Open Spaces aka Get Me Outta Here!

Sometimes you can just get overwhelmed with invasion of ...shall we say ...your personal space? Here in Utah when this happens~you head straight for the canyon.

Along the way you catch some beautiful sights like the majestic Mt. Timpanogos with its snow capped peaks. In just a few minutes you arrive at this lovely place of renewal!



Naturally Beautiful

Sounds of Running Water!

Not Crowded

Time for Looking Up to Heaven
and Some Quiet Reflection

Sunshine On Your Shoulders

Makes You Happy

Sunshine on your Shoulders~Makes You Healthy!

You Can Relax and Be Yourself

Connor was not with us on this outing, but Jen had
this picture of him hugging a tree few weeks ago.
We're all going green!!

More Tree Huggers!
Spencer and Ross in Our Backyard Last Summer

Play Time

Freedom For Chloe to Explore and Have Fun



Surrounding yourself with something green seems to just make everything feel better.

The Moral of the Story is~ do this regularly or
you may turn into an airhead and eventually be blown away!