Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cardinal Sin of Blogging

There is nothing in the blogging sphere more annoying that forgetting to bring your camera! Yesterday Jim and I went to the wedding of our good friends' daughter, Leslie Bowerbank. Leslie is nearly 35 and finally found just the perfect man for her. His name is John and he too had been searching for her! It was an afternoon wedding and was performed by the Bishop of the Lafayette ward.

The setting was the lovely Canyon Mountain Vineyard in Livermore.
They were hoping for a day like this but instead got a day like this!

The beautiful 11 foot arch that had been painstakingly decorated by Maureen and Carol blew over once but it was before the ceremony started~so that was good. I am sure it really got to them both to see a bunch of good Samaritan men just stuffing the flowers back in wherever they could manage it! Bummer, although it still looked beautiful! We brought our umbrella as it was very cold and threatening but miraculously we only had a drop or two. The ceremony was very nice and Jim and I were feeling quite puffed up when the Bishop said that there were many couples there that were married; some for a very long time and they should be holding hands~and we have been and we were. It was thundering in the distance and when Leslie placed John's ring on his finger there was a huge simultaneous clap of thunder~pretty funny actually! I think every vineyard wedding we have ever attended has been on a rainy day.

The reception was very nice and the dinner was excellent. It was held in a huge gazebo with an open ceiling with about two inch openings between the slats. You just have to know that entire family was praying for no rain. They were blessed.

The Centerpieces were something like this!
The Cake something like this, sans the flowers and topper and with a burgundy frosting ribbon winding down and around it. It was one of the best wedding cakes we have ever enjoyed.

The very best part of it all besides the happy couple and parents was seeing lots of old friends from our home ward. Of course all the Bowerbank kids were there with all their families and it is always great to see the kids of the kids yours knew growing up! Jen, we felt so bad not to be able to take photos of Misty Van, Lana Marquardson, the Hoags, Hills, Sharon Pugmire, The Fluds, The Muhlesteins, Hopkins, Capsons, Kellys, Carol Wever, and most of all~the beautiful bride Leslie and her new husband, Johnny Walker! Ryan really had some fun remarks about that name of his...but he actually goes by John so that is good! A great time was had by all and the Concord II guests all sent their love and regards to you, Jen, Chris and Laura!

I have vowed not to leave home without the camera anymore. We actually have one that we keep in the car but I had brought it in to download and didn't return it to the car. Arrrgh! C'est la vie! Live and Learn!


Miss Jen said...

DANG! So wishing you'd had it with you! It sounds like it was good though. Wish we could have been there. Thanks for the scoop!

The Christensons said...

ugh, i hate when i forget the camera! it happens when i leave the house and i see the perfect picture in my eyes, and of course i don't have the camera...but then again i also havn't really left my house lately...