Sunday, May 25, 2008

LOST Without~Lowell!

OK, I think I mentioned earlier, or maybe it was a comment on Jen's blog but Lowell is crazy about Lost. We don't watch TV at home, so I had no idea what it was like until I was, ever so gently coerced into watching it on this last trip to Utah. Quite often in the late evenings when all the kids were asleep and Jen was passed out from exhaustion, Lowell would ask me if I wanted to watch Lost with him. Now if you know, Lowell, how could you possibly say no to him? I would try jumping over the moon for him if he asked me to do it....(I know that creates an hysterical visual for most of kind!)

So I agreed to watch it. It is about a plane that goes down on a really weird island someplace. Hello, Lowell, did you not know how freaked out I use to be about flying...well not so much flying as crashing??? Somehow I must admit this show holds some weird fascination for me even though it is exactly the kind of thing I truly hate watching. You are winding down from a hectic day and you look to the media for relaxation, right? This show is so edgy and freaky that I am not kidding I was a wreck after watching it each night. Why did I keep saying was for Lowell. He is so much fun to watch as he watches it that he just lights up with sheer excitement. I figure if any of the kids like something that much I must look for the good in it.

When I was a fearful flier I use to think about every possible scenario about crashing...plummeting to the ground knowing it is over, the screaming the passengers, the impact on the ground and even worse, the water! I would envision the plane breaking apart, the people flying out into subzero weather in their seats with no oxygen, burning, you name it, it all plagued me in the old days. I didn't realize that I had left out something as I would mentally go down the list of everything awful as I walked into the jet way and noticed how thin the walls of an airplane really are. Honestly, I use to think how can I possibly be paying someone for this horrendous experience? What I left out of my terrible flight thoughts was...crashing and surviving it! Lost helped me out there..the bag of nasty nightmares is now completely full.

Lost is an eerie show because everyone that survives and lands on the island has these quirky, sinister pasts and the thing that really gets to me is ~it makes the show so scary.

This is one strange group of people!

I usually avoid TV or movies that have disturbing stuff that actually might be able to happen. I finally told Lowell that if he wanted me to stay on there, just ask. Don't try to scare the daylights out of me so I am afraid again to get on the plane! I was ready to have Jim just pack up the house and come out for good!

I tried like crazy to put it out of my mind as I was boarding the plane on Friday~I did pretty well in overriding my emotions with my intellect, but I have to admit, I did check out everyone that got on and wondered what kind of a weirdo they might be, should we have to spend some time together in the Nevada desert. I wondered how many bags of peanuts they actually had in the galley.

Lowell, I hate to tell you this but, Lost is lost for me until we meet again. I have to watch you watching it, to go on! But I do have to admit in a very bizarre way I am looking forward to it. I just hope we drive next time and that I have Jim to sleep with instead of her dearly, but how can she protect me in the night? It is amazing how your kids can stretch you!

Love you, Lowell!


Bonnie said...

I must add a disclaimer to this post. It is meant to be in fun...of course everyone knows I could have just said no thank you if I didn't care to view it. I did enjoy watching it with Lowell and getting into the story. It was a little out of my comfort zone but that is a good thing.

When I fell on my face in our driveway a few years back I realized I can nearly kill myself on the ground so there is no point about worry about flying once that hatch is closed! Our life is in God's hands so now I just keep the faith. Nothing about watching Lost really changed my feelings about flying.

The best part of the whole thing was just having this time with Lowell. He is such a great guy!

Deanna Munoz said...

You are so funny Bonnie! I love you!! I have never watched that show, but I heard it was a good one!! you are a trooper for trying it out! lol!!

Miss Jen said...

I love LOST! They try to make it seem scarier than it is on the previews but it really isn't too bad. On the other hand I like a good spook so...I may not be the one to ask!