Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Color Curiosity

Is it just me or are you a person that loves colors and switches from one color to the next as your favorite? Lately I have been totally on this orangey pumpkin color and I want to buy everything I see in that color. Hold that thought for a minute...

I have never liked sweet potatoes and lately there has been a lot of hype about them being so much better for you than regular potatoes. My thoughts have been, oh, that is nice but...not for me! While here at Jen's she made sweet potatoes by slightly parboiling them an then roasting them in the oven with salt and a little oil until quite crispy. They were so gorgeously orange and delicious and I think I am over my hatred of sweet potatoes. How can this be after all these years...I have tried them every single Thanksgiving and never liked them? I am afraid it might just have been the color that got me to try them once again and this time they were great.

I am not too fond of carrots either...maybe I'll try them next??

I even have it on my nails this week~its an obsession I guess!
OPI & Apple Pie is the color I chose at the nail salon today!

I am just amazed by how much I am impacted by the visual aspects of my environment! I like it but just find it so curious. Some people seem to have no awareness of it but for me it is a big hairy deal! Am I just really weird or are you this way too?


Laura said...

I LOVE that color, but hate sweet potatoes too, and I don't think I will be gaining a fondness for them anytime soon, but then again, I have food issues...as Jen can verify! Anyway, I really need some color in my house. Too much beige. All the walls need some color!

The Christensons said...

okay i've always loved green but the shades differ! right now it's that lime green! love it!!!