Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thank You To Our "Italian" Kids

Lunching at the Caserta Reggio

It is hard to thank you guys enough for the wonderful times we had in Italy! Honestly, it was a dream vacation in so many ways. I feel that the experiences there really were life expanding and so enriching. You were the perfect hosts, even down to giving us your room. You were also great tour guides and chefs, and wonderful company, and a great source of comfort for us in unfamiliar surroundings. What set of parents could ask for more?

Italian car sculpture made by the boys!

Although it is always hard to hear where you are going always turns out to be a blessing to us all as long as we make every effort to come to visit. You have been some amazing places but I think this one is best so far. No matter where you are you create a beautiful home for your family and the boys are just amazing. They are having some very spectacular experiences growing up! I am thankful that our Father in Heaven has allowed us all these wonderful family times together, what a blessing!

So thanks for the memories~ we love you all so much! Same time next year?

Much Love, Mom & Dad

The first morning in do it all over again!

***For my blog readers, this signifies my last official Italy post. Thank you for hanging in there with me so I could get this journaled while it was still fresh in my mind. Experience has taught me to jump while the iron is hot. Old minds with full hard drives ~ forget quickly.

You will have to read about Pompeii and Napoli when Jim or Laura blog about them as I did not really see them except as a drive through and from a distance. You have all been good friends and a fantastic support during this whole process. Hope it has peaked an interest in going to Italy yourselves!


Bonnie said...

Sara Mason wrote:

I loved your blogs on Italy! It made me want to go back! I loved seeing the pictures of Laura and the boys...they are getting so big!

Love, Sara