Friday, May 16, 2008

Wasatch Art Show~This One is For Missy & Chris

A couple of days ago the kids had an art show at Wasatch School. I know Jen is planning on blogging about her girls' art work so this one if for Chris and Missy. I met Grandma George at your house and saw the fantastic new bedroom. Wow! What an accomplishment~you both worked so hard and sacrificed a lot to get that done before your trip. Here are a few cute photo of Aynslee and Zach showing off the new room, particularly the new bunk beds.

Such a Big Boy now!

Monkey see~Monkey do!

The art work was really great, the school has an unbelievable art teacher and the kids all really excel because of it. Here is a picture of Connor's artwork. It is the guy with the kind of camo look straight above his head. The guy right above with the hair that looks like a brown crown is Julia's. Aren't they talented?

Here is a photo of Barbara with all the kids. I came over to help her with them but she was seamlessly doing it all. Amazing mom you have there, Missy. So I pretended to be of some assistance and just enjoyed the kids! She is doing an extraordinary job~the kids are very happy and contented. She and I have had a fun getting together and getting to know each other better. What a serendipity experience!

Here is a photo of the babes with Satch the school mascot. Since when have elementary schools had mascots? I am truly getting old...I had no idea!

The kids are doing great, relax and enjoy this special time together!

Love, Mom

P.S. Barb and I have been so busy while together that we haven't even talked about where you are now?? And Chris, she teared up while telling me about the CDs you left for the kids with the bedtime stories you read for them on it. Son, these are the things you need to tell Dad and me..we like to cry too! Hugs to you both. Enjoy Europe!

P. P.S. Jen has posted the art work of her kids but I wanted to add them in here for the book.

Julia pointing to one of her pieces her finger is
touching the lower left hand corner of it.

Julia's self-portrait with the Da Vinci backwards signature.

Piper's Impressionism piece~
red flowers above her head.

Piper's prize winning self-portrait from last year~
Chosen to be framed and hung in the school office all year!

Piper's is the first one of the three~as if you couldn't tell!

Great Job Kids!


Laura said...

What a great idea, to have CD's with you reading the kids stories if you are gone. You have such cute grandbabies!

Bonnie said...

The room looks great guys, I need to get over there and see it! The kids were so cute at the art show and they had some dang good pieces!

Miss Jen said...

I keepleaving comments as you mom because it keeps signing me on as you whenever I pass thru your site. It's like it just automatically switches or something? Sorry! That last comment was from me...Jen

Jim said...

C& have truly brought that room back from the "The Cave" to the bright and inviting place that it is. Good work all!!