Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Pal~Val

Today I had the opportunity to go and visit with my sweet, long time friend, Val. It was so wonderful to see her after quite some time. In the past I have visited her often but the past months since Hazel has been born I have not been able to get over to my dear friend. When I called her she asked about Hazel and really wanted to meet her and see Jen again so we rounded up the two little ones and went over. She was so darling with a big bag of baby things ~all pink~that she had been collecting for the baby. She also had a little basket of toys for Chloe to play with. She has 19 grandchildren of her own and 4 great-grandchildren so she is quite savvy and well-equipped as a grandmother.  It is always so great to renew old friendships.

I met Val through her son who does a lot of EFY speaking for the youth in our church and we have been friends for over 18 years. She lost her sweet hubby, Ray, last year and it has been a hard time for her. But she is always thinking of everyone else and that has saved her. She is an interesting person in my life~a mom, a sister, a friend , a mentor~I really love her.

Val is a retired teacher, a poet and an author of many stories, books and she is also a lyricist. She has colaborated with many Church musicians and is featured on many CDs. She has always encouraged me to write, write, write! Finally through my blog I am actually doing it. Probably not exactly what she had in mind ~but it works for me!


Miss Jen said...

Val is so amazing. It was really nice to see her.