Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Haircut Reprise~

OK, I wanted you to see Chloe's haircut after it dried...she was not too cooperative about having a brush run through it just for the "puter" as she calls it. So I admit it, I resorted to pure unadulterated bribery! Out came the treat jar which as you can see was not very successfully hidden from the entire family after the haircut!

It all just raises the questions~
Who is really in charge here?
And how can one little girl be so dang cute?


Laura said...

She is SOOOO cute & precious. Love the new cut. Jen should start a salon along with Julia's pedicure and foot massage business.

mandy* said...

Seeing the jar of candy again makes me want one in my house!

The Christensons said...

oooh i loooove the hair cut! and i love that you got the picture one way or another!