Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Summer Feet

I thought this was some good and useful information for people who enjoy pain free walking, new summer sandal and the like. Blisters are so painful, I am a fan of anything that precludes them so will try some of these preventative measures.

Bye-Bye Blisters. Hello Happy Feet!

FeetWhether you're working out or just walking around town, blisters can leave you hobbling. And after years of suffering through some of the most hideous, enormous, inconveniently-timed blisters, I've rounded up some of the things that really work wonders for me, no matter the season or the shoe.

Thin, foot-specific sport socks, like the "Hera" from Asics. Designed for women, they have a little R and L on the feet, designating which foot to put them on. With special support in around the heel and the arch of the foot, they really do rub less. Less friction=fewer blisters

*Band-Aid Blister Block or Dr. Scholls for Her Miracle Balm. Both look like tiny underarm deodorants, but they're for your feet. Lube up blister-prone spots before you even put on socks.

*Foot Petals Strappy Strips are great with sandals, slingbacks, even thongs or flip-flops. Just put the strips under the straps to help prevent red marks and blisters. Dr. Scholls also makes good ones—and they come in a cool, tape-like dispenser.

Here's a round-up of a bunch more blister-remedies, some of which I haven't yet been able to test. (They seem best-suited for serious outdoor activities—hiking, etc.)


Laura said...

I love walking barefoot, so my feet always look horrific. I will have to check out some of these happy feet fixes---maybe I will have to try socks---thanks for the options!

Miss Jen said...

Good advice, thanks!

Jim said...

Someone told me that ill-fitting shoes are the culprit for most foot tight give corns and to loose results in blisters. Generally this has been good advice for me. In all my hiking days I only got blisters once...the boots were to big. Socks that wick and shoes/boots that are "broken-in" help a lot.