Friday, May 30, 2008

Playing Tag

Alas, I have been tagged by our daughter, Laura, and asked to share 7 unknown, interesting, or weird things about me. That is a bit of a stretch. Firstly, you already know enough weird things about me and if you don't....hmmm, I am not about to be revealing them! OK, here goes. Ummm, the clock is ticking and I cannot think of anything!

1. I love movies about sports. What is interesting (?) about this to Jim is that I do not care one hoot about regular sporting events, except the Olympics.

2. I truly enjoy washing windows (although it may not always be evident when visiting our home.)

3. I am not crazy about big parties, especially when I don't know anyone. I like to have intimate conversations with a few people but do not engage in much small talk very often. The absolute worst~the office party! Ugh! My idea of fun is staying home with Jim, movie, and his awesome popcorn! The ideal party size for me is no more than 8, 6 is better, 2 or 3 is perfect.

4. My favorite dessert is cherry pie~but I rarely eat it and I never make it.

5. I am NOT taking out all my Christmas stuff this year. I have just been feeling like I finally got it all done and put away and it is now ...Hello... June! I know I say this every year but this year...I mean it! The only thing that would change my mind is having kids come home for Christmas!

6. I love San Francisco and enjoyed living there as a newlywed. I love the privacy and being able to feel anonymous and invisible in a large city. I could easily move back there for the rest of my days if the family was there too.

7. I cannot stand a day when I do not wash my hair or need a haircut. Bad Hair Day Click Here!

8. And the bonus one...I have always been sad to not have a sister and have often fantasized that I will actually find my sister when doing my genealogy. Weird, huh?

9. Whoops! One of my biggest fears is seeing my beautiful LDS daughter who shall remain nameless..tattooed and pierced!

10. This one I think only Jim knows~I am allergic to the paper that glossy magazines like Oprah and Martha Stewart are printed on! I have to hold them very gingerly with my nails when reading them. Annoying and weird!

I would like to tag two people that read the blogs but don't participate...Melissa M. and Emily C.


Miss Jen said...

Ummm....I didn't know you were allergic to mag paper! What's up with that? Is it the ink?

Bonnie said...

I don't know but it makes my hands itch and is not a very relaxing pass time! It only seems to be the glassy paper??