Thursday, May 15, 2008

Missing Grampa!

Piper & Julia With Grampa @ Disneyland 5 years ago!
We know it hasn't been this long since
we have seen you, it just feels like it.

Wow, JB, it seems like forever since we've been together. We all really miss you, especially me!

I am happy to be here with Jen, Lowell and the kids and hopefully it is helping some. I am glad you are enjoying working more than usual while I am away. The girls are all missing you and Lowell is too. The poor guy now as 6 women to contend with each night. I'm trying to go easy on him! I hope all is going well for you and just wanted to say, we love you so much! I'll be home soon! Hugs, BJ


The Christensons said...

oh i love the new header! way to go jen! so cute! hope you guys are having fun together!

Jim said...

Love and Hugs back at you...I love our family!!
So that guy with our two grandchildren must be my younger brother...maybe Steve has the right idea about hair color.
I love you ALL and thank you for the love.

Miss Jen said...

i think this was in 2001. It can't be just 5 years ago...I swear it has to be more than that! The kids look so tiny!

Bonnie said...

2002, Baby! They do look tiny!! This was right before Julia's surgery at around 18 months.

Bonnie said... hair stuff! It looks great!

Bonnie said... great hearing from you. Glad you like the new blog page, I ma loving it. We are having a super time together here in Utah.