Monday, May 5, 2008

Rants and Pet Peeves

I have never been a person who obsesses about money, I consider myself to be a generous person, and I've never driven 10 miles to save five cents on a can of corn...but I am really getting bugged by the gas prices and the soaring food costs here in CA.

A few weeks ago when we got home from Italy the gas prices for supreme (who uses that anyway?) was at $3.99 9/10. Friday night Jim and I did a destaging of one of our houses in Lafayette and while stopped at a red light I noticed that gas there is now $3.99 9/10 for regular. What just totally fries me about this is when I read that Unocal and Chevron and some of these other gas companies are recording their highest profit margins ever! It is highway robbery, literally. Could it be that the oil companies are just using the middle Eastern oil "crisis" as a smoke screen to divert our attention away from their greed? Hmmmm...sounds like a possibility!

Another one that is making me crazy is Safeway. The prices are absolutely ridiculous there! The crowning blow was I ran in there to get a jar of popcorn, granted it was Orville Redenbacher's (no more designer popcorn for us) , but it was $5.45! Is that not over the top? I would love to find out how much it is in your local stores. I am now fully boycotting Safeway. That was my last purchase in that store. They also have reported their biggest profit quarter ever. Hello! Or rather, I should say Good-bye!

I don't know what to do about the gas but, one thing I am not driving alone to church activities, etc. anymore and I am really planning out my routes to be more careful~with gas at a dollar a quart~it is dumb not to do something different. And when someone else drives me somewhere I am offering to pitch in on gas.

As for Safeway, they have seen the last of our pay checks. I will drive the extra miles to go somewhere else just on general principles

P.S. This my 150th post since December when I started blogging~ I guess it is safe to say I am hooked on blogging! I guess we will just eat less and stay home and blog some more!


Lanette said...

My goal this summer is to go a week without driving. Dave bought me a bike for mothers day so you'll start seeing me riding along on my cruiser with a backpack full of groceries. With the bike trails I'm pretty sure I can go everywhere I need to go without being hit by a car. There are so many things I'd rather spend $50 on that have nothing to do with gas!

Laura said...

I am SOOOO glad that you blog---your entries brighten up my days!!! So, yeah, stay home more and blog more!!!! Luckily, we don't have Safeway's here (that I am aware of!!!) The gas thing is getting crazy!

Miss Jen said...

Hey! I know, gas is kicking my butt! Food isn't too bad here yet although we did have the fall out from CA's rice shortage. I still just get rice from provident living--it's cheap and the deliver it right to your door! Love it! At Sam's and Costco they are now limiting the amount of rice and flour you can buy based on the amounts of the same that you purchased in the last year. Yikes! Seriously get on provident living and order your #10 cans now!

Bonnie said...

Good ideas...keep 'em coming. We have to do something that makes a difference.

mandy* said...

I'm not going to Safeway anymore, either! I just noticed that the prices at Fred Meyer are so much better with so much more selection. I used to drive to four different grocery stores to get the sales, but now with gas prices I'm only going to two (Fred Meyer and Costco).

Gail Victoria said...

Orville's popcorn is $3.88 a jar at Walmart! I started shopping there for most of my "household" needs and some grocery needs as they really are better priced than even Costo. Actually, last time I bought Orville's popcorn I bought it from Costco - one of those hugh jars - lasted me a whole year!

Ranting is a great release. Rant away!

The Christensons said...

oh man, it's defitnitly a blessing that i live out in the middle of nowhere and have nowhere to go but a few blocks for everything. i only go to walmart once a week and the drive out there eats up about a quarter of a tank but i don't use gas more than that a week, so i'm really kind of lucky i guess! as for food we arnt feeling it here yet, but in our little town they do over price things cause when tourists are around this is the only place to go, soooo they can do whatever they want for prices, but i've NEVER seen $5 for popcorn that's rediculous!