Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Scrapping Scrapping

I use to really love doing a scrapbook. It was so much fun to take the photos, get them developed, wait the allotted time hoping they turned out, shop the scrapbook store for great paper, die-cuts, embellishments and the like. I loved getting together with friends and spending hours yacking and decorating the pages, and even once had a great weekend away with my good friends in the foothills of the Sierras where all we did was scrap, eat and sleep. The place we went catered all the meals and we had the time of our lives for Lee's birthday. It was heavenly! That I would consider doing again in a heartbeat~but not the rest of it.

I am scrapping scrapping because it is too time consuming, too costly and too inefficient for recording the important and fun things in my life. I did just great on the kids' weddings and first round of grandkids for the first few months and then I got totally overwhelmed and the thoughts of going back and trying to scrap things in the distant past was overwhelming and simply not ever gonna happen. And besides it was a huge mess and just when you got into it you would have to put it all away and do something else in real life; like cook, go to a meeting, garden...whatever. And storing the big books got too cumbersome.

One day I went to an all day scraping convention and it took me 8 hours to do a several page lay-out on a Disneyland trip with the kids and grandkids. I realize now that was nearly half the time it took for the event to actually happen and probably 1/2 as expensive too! So I have scrapped my last scrap. It's official!

Now I am replacing it with....of course.....BLOGGING! It is free, fun, and fabulously fast, and best of all current. Who could ask for anything more? Oh, and as far as the chronology of life...out of sequence is just fine. If I think of an interesting thing from the past~I can pop it in anyplace I like. This is a "Living" Family History and Personal History at its best. And the cherry on top, it is interactive. You can even be published in my book when I get it printed. And I can store my journal in cyberspace~we have a small house with limited storage! And it is safer there than in a bank vault.

It is really high on my list of things to love about the here and now. I wonder what else is coming to us in the future that we can look forward to as well? Are you still scrapping? Not me!


Laura said...

I am SOOOO with you on the scrapbooking thing!!! I love the whole blogging in place of scrapbooking, and also love that blogging has a lot more story telling, so you really get to know a person more than you would through a scrapbook!!

Bonnie said...

I agree, Laura! You go, girl!

Miss Jen said...

My girls got into scrapbooking last summer when I had them do it for a summer activity. They are hooked now but I am glad they do it because I'm over it and totally on to blogging also!