Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chloe Jane~Meant To Be Ours!

Happy 3rd Birthday Chloe! May 10, 2008!

It is hard to imagine that in just three days Chloe will be three years old. When I think about the miracle that brought this precious little girl into our family I am almost speechless...I know...impossible to imagine, right?

Pretty In Pink!

We have so many people to thank for the miracle of Chloe. Laura, Jen's friend who put the adoption in motion, is someone we will all be thanking God for forever. This wonderful friend not only helped our family get Chloe, but has adopted three of her own and helped Jen's good friend, Traci, get a precious little baby boy as well. How can you thank someone for that?

For Those of You That Do not Know Her This Is
Our Good Friend, Laura and Her Husband, Brandon!

We also have Chloe's birth parents to thank and admire. These parents loved her enough to know they could not give her what she needed. They entrusted this little infant into the loving arms of Jen and Lowell the moment she was born, to have and to hold forever. This was not their first child and they knew the joy and responsibility of caring for and loving a baby. Knowing that, they willingly gave the gift of her little life to Jen and Lowell. This was not an easy thing for them to do and they did it out of love for her. No matter what the circumstances, can you even imagine the immensity of that gesture? How poignant that moment was and how often they must think of it still. And they always will. How do you ever thank someone for that?

I arrived in Provo the morning after her birth and stayed in the hospital most of the time with Jen and the baby until they could leave a few days later. In that week or so that I stayed in Utah I had never felt such an overwhelming feeling of love and joy in knowing how special this little girl was and that she had literally been rescued into a wonderful new life. She had two beautiful big sisters that adored her and parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that had an immediate deep love for her. The bonding was instantaneous for all of us.

At the time she was the littlest baby born in the whole family and as I would hold that tiny girl I would think about what a special girl and valiant spirit she must be. I was so thankful for God's overwhelming trust in our kids to raise her in truth and righteousness and an abundant love. Those moments produced a special love and joy that I had never felt before. How do you ever thank God for that? There was not a moment of wondering about her being was always meant to be and she just came in a very different way. I will never forget as long as I live the beautiful day we all took her to the Temple and she was sealed to our family forever. This little girl should have a second middle should be Joy!

Piper and Julia are so happy!

Mommy Loves Halloween!

I have noticed that Chloe has really grown up and become a little child just lately. She is talking up a storm now and she is out of the toddler stage for sure. She can carry on a great conversation and I am no longer her "Graunga" which is what she use to call me. Just last night she said, "I love you, Gramma" for the first time, as we were saying good-bye on the phone! I felt just a little twinge of sadness as I realized just how quickly they grow up!

Bewitching Little Girl!

Chloe is such a funny little girl. There is nothing boring or laid back about her. She has a strong and sometimes hilarious personality. She is full of life and is a very spicy kid. If Chloe likes you, she adores you, if out. She is very independent and a bit of a wild child and we absolutely adore her spunk. I love the way her big sisters have been so wonderful to her and taught her great things at their little "wee school." And now she is teaching Hazel in the same way.

Big Sister!

Grampa and I love you beyond what you can know, Miss Chloe! Happy Birthday on Saturday. I am so glad I get to come up and see you on your special day! And I am so happy to be able to spend Mother's Day with your absolutely awesome Mommy and all of you! Ready or not, here I come!

The Girls Just A Few Days Ago~Thanks Jen!


Miss Jen said...

Hey! This is so sweet! Did you get your box? I'm guessing that is where you got the photo!

Love you! Jen

Bonnie said...

No box yet, the photo came in a card. Jen recheck the blog..I added more stuff. It is done now. What a little love she is! See you tomorrow!

Laura said...

OK, make me want to cry, I just love adoption stories. They always touch my heart. Chloe is so darn cute and I LOVE the new picture of Jen's girls! SUCH a great picture!

Bonnie said...

I adore the picture too. Laura, without you this may never have happened~we truly love you and thank you so much! You understand what I mean better than most!